Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The Non Arab’s Guide To Middle Eastern Mashwi

The Non Arab’s Guide To Middle Eastern Mashwi
By Johara Al Mogbel

One of the most popular cuisines around the world, the Middle East doesn’t mess about when it comes to stomachs.

Shish Tawooq

Chicken cubes marinated, skewered and then grilled. The marinades are usually a mixture of lemon juice or yogurt, or a tomato puree.
Origin: Turkish



Ground lamb shaped into a tube, skewered, then grilled. The ground meat is occasionally mixed with chopped on onions according to taste. The kabab is usually served without the skewer on a plate of rice.
Origin: Iranian



Lamb cubes marinated and then skewered along with alternating pieces of fat or vegetables. Shashlik is the lamb equivalent of shish tawooq. It’s also called shish kabab in Turkish cuisine.
Origin: Western and Central Asia



Chicken, lamb, or veal meat that’s placed on a continuously rotating spit so that the meat roasts on all sides. The meat is then sliced off and either served on a plate or in wrapped Arabic pita bread as a sandwich. Tahina, pickles and lettuce are traditional additions.
Origin: The Levant.
(Bilad Al Sham)



Lamb chops marinated, and then grilled. The popularity of this particular grilled meat lies in the fact that the bone makes an excellent handle for chomping.
Origin: Lebanese


Döner Kebap

The döner meat is shaved off the pit thinner than the shawerma and thus ends up being crispier. It’s also served in a fat bun-shaped Turkish bread instead of wrapped, and with sumac, tomato, onion and chili. Spread the yogurt on top of the döner.
Origin: Turkey



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