The New Black

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After years of clean lines and solid colors reigning supreme in the world of fashion, maximalism has regained momentum. Though initially launched to the masses in the 2016-era fashion weeks, the trend has now begun to phase out minimalism more rapidly, showing momentum beyond the catwalk and on the sidewalk.

But it can be tough to master the cornerstones of this new trend: colour and pattern are no easy feat to coordinate. Here are a few tips on how to stay on trend while avoiding clashing with, well, everything.

Pattern Mixing

pattern-mixingThe key in mixing two patterns, I would say, is to make sure that one of them remains more muted: think black and white or deeper shades. For an even bolder look, I also find that matching the base colours of one piece with either the base or accent colours of the other, rather than matching accent colours with accent colours, makes for more a more successful endeavor.
Cop out: you can try a visually interesting, all-over pattern or a patterned co-ord to (boldly) err on the side of caution.


texturizeTo elevate an otherwise simple ensemble to the status of a maximalist one, apply the cardinal rule: more is more. Don’t be afraid to pick up pieces with fringe, fur detailing and bold embroidery! Contrast creates visual interest. Note: mesh and feathers (yes, feathers) were aplenty on the catwalks of Milan’s fashion week.
Cop out: if you prefer to keep it simple, the culprits can be your accessories, shoes, or bags.


colour-blockingColour-blocking relies on the layering of (often plain) fabrics in order to create a simplistic contrast. This may sound like just clothes, but we’ve been trained to believe that a colourful article of clothing can only be paired with either: denim, black, or white. But ‘tis the season for deep greens and bright oranges (together in one!).


monochromeNo longer used to refer to varying shades of black & white: this is talk of one colour unified across the entire outfit. That’s an all-denim/all-yellow/all-whatever-you-want ensemble waiting to be worn. Note: bright yellow is pretty popular this season.

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