A Brand New Corniche Experience

The Jeddah Waterfront.

Rejoice, Jeddawis! The new Jeddah Waterfront is a sight to behold. The Jeddah Municipality has revamped our precious Corniche, taking it to the next level. Bigger in size, better in services, and fully catering to the people’s needs, the Waterfront will soon be opening its doors to the public.yah_4624

The new project is divided into 7 different, color-coded sections that stretch along a 4km radius. Each one includes a special feature that makes them stand out. For instance, a walk around the Nawras will tell you that it is the biggest of them all. It proudly houses the famous Nawras sculpture and the first hanging bridge that extends as far as 650 miles, connecting the Corniche to Prince Faisal bin Fahd Rd. 03-dj-dec-2017-32-47-43

Tawheed’s unique feature is the Tawheed sculpture and the newly renovated Tawheed mosque. With two different beaches in its area, the Rimal is aptly named. Between the beaches is a children’s water park, and each beach has 2 shower buildings for the convenience of visitors.

Lu’lu’, the second biggest, has all the greenery you could possible want. With a museum also situated there, a touch of culture by the sea is exactly what you’ll get. To fix the issue of being so close, yet so far from the sea (the actual water), a dock is available with rental boats should you feel like taking a turn around the water.03-dj-dec-2017-32-47-44

Since Jeddah is known for its fishing, it isn’t surprising that they named one of the areas Sayyad. An impressive jetty stretches into the sea and includes two beaches, open for swimming, shaped like a crescent island. Meanwhile, Khaleej has a relic of Jeddah; the ship sculptures all fixed up and ready for a close up.

While different areas contain features that set them apart, what they do have in common are the facilities that are provided: wi-fi, charging stations, as well as seats with built-in chargers, food shacks, state-of-the-art lavatories and restrooms, walkways, and playgrounds for children.yah_4243

The Jeddah Waterfront’s modern design and high-quality facilities is sure to make the gorgeous new Corniche Jeddah’s coolest – and latest – hangout for families and friends.

The Waterfront’s playgrounds are themed – one area has a collection of different game stations from police cars to ambulances, all aiming to educate children on emergency protocols, and another one is space-themed and teaches about space.corniche

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