The Heritage of a Traditional Halawa

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Wassim AlHalwani’s Halawa 1830 Sweets Boutique

Halawa is a dessert that has been eaten for hundreds of years and is known for its unique texture and taste. At Halawa 1830, Wassim AlHalwani is committed to preserving the traditional recipe while experimenting with new flavors and techniques to keep the dessert relevant for modern tastes.

Wassim opened Halawa 1830, a halawa store in Al Marwah, Jeddah, under the influence of his illustrious ancestry. He was inspired by the year his forefather Abdullah AlHalwani started making Halawa in Damascus, where the product became a success, later becoming beloved worldwide.

Halawa 1830 has been a passion project of Wassim’s for several years, where he wanted to serve fresh, halawa to customers so they could enjoy a different and delicious experience. The boutique offers a wide range of traditional and modern sweets, including their signature Halawa, made using the same recipe used in 1830 without hydrogenated oils and only pure tahini.

One of their most unique halawa experiences is their hot halawa, a customizable scoop-size dessert topped with nuts and syrups, making it a unique and delicious treat. Additionally, Halawa 1830 offers a wide range of packaged halawa sets as well.

They also have various cakes infused with halawa; they come in different flavors and are perfect for those wanting to try something new and exciting. The combination of halawa and cake creates a unique taste that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Customers can also enjoy Arabic coffee or tea at the boutique while indulging in the sweets. The cozy and inviting atmosphere of the shop makes it a perfect spot for catching up with friends or enjoying a quiet moment alone.

Wassim’s commitment to traditional halawa-making techniques ensures that his ancestral flavors are authentic to their origins. In addition, his dedication to preserving these flavors is a testament to his passion for his craft.

If you are looking for a spot that honors the history and culture of this beloved dessert, Halawa 1830 is the perfect place for you; this establishment offers an atmosphere that will transport you to another time.

Instagram: halawa1830 Location: Salih Al Umari, Al Marwah, Jeddah

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