The first of the fourth: Al-Mall

  • Photo Credit: The Saudi Art Council

  • Photo Credit: The Saudi Art Council

  • Photo Credit: The Saudi Art Council

  • Photo Credit: The Saudi Art Council

  • Photo Credit: The Saudi Art Council

  • Photo Credit: The Saudi Art Council

  • Photo Credit: The Saudi Art Council

  • Photo Credit: The Saudi Art Council


21, 39’s events kicked off on the 1st of February with the opening night of the first exhibit in the 4th installment of Jeddah’s very own art week.

Aptly named the Al-Mall exhibit, it is housed in one of the four locations pinned as Jeddah’s pillars by the event’s planners. The show boasts an impressive makeshift gallery that capitalizes on the theme of safar (Arabic for travel), notably manifested in the artworks presented via concepts of motion and interaction. On display are multiple noteworthy pieces curated by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath of Art Reoriented, and crafted by Arab artists that seamlessly blur the lines between tradition and modernity in a display of self-reflection within Arab youth. The particular marriage between old, new, clean, and chaotic, proves exclusive to the region. And as a pioneering force in the establishment of contemporary art within the framework of a society that clings to the traditional, the exhibit proves itself worthy of a visit from those itching for an introduction to the unique Saudi art scene, as well as the more seasoned art buffs.


True to its name, the exhibit takes place in Gold Moor Mall’s Gate 2, in Al-Zahra District


The exhibition runs from the 1st of February – 6th of May

How can I get tickets?

None required, just walk right into the gallery!

About 21, 39:

A non-profit initiative put together by the Saudi Art Council, 21, 39 aims to generate a welcoming platform that allows for the promotion and advancement in the arts within Jeddah. The project is a unique venture, especially in the more traditionally-inclined Saudi Arabia, that allows for the proliferation of an unparalleled view regarding the conventions of contemporary art in an Arab skeleton. Programs running under the umbrella 21, 39 initiative are inclusive of exhibitions and gallery openings, discussion forums, and workshops.

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