The Best Things to Buy at Pharmacies

By Lama Al-Ghazzawi

In Riyadh, we’ve got a ton of pharmacies and most of them sell the same things. BUT, there are a few things that you MUST have, and we’ll tell you where to go for each of these gems.

Blister Plasters

Screen Shot 1437-10-21 at 10

These bad boys will get rid of those nasty blisters you got from those new pair of shoes in no time! Honestly, they work like magic. You can find these at Boots or Whites, as well as at some big pharmacies.

Heat Pads

heat pad

Cramps? Yeah. We get it. So do the creators of this amazing invention.. You’ll be feeling cozy and comfortable in minutes! Get it at AlHabib Pharmacy, Boots or Whites.

Vitamin E Sticks

Screen Shot 1437-10-21 at 10

This is one of those things you just have to have lying around or thrown in a purse. This alone makes the chapped lips disappear. You can find it at any large pharmacy, really.

Cetaphil Cream

Screen Shot 1437-10-21 at 10

This cream is heavenly. Scentless, good for any type of skin and also quite affordable compared to other high quality skin care products. Cetaphil cream is a dream come true for everyone! It’s available at most larger pharmacies as well as at Whites and Boots.


Mebo for burns

This funky­ smelling ointment is one that will keep your burns from scarring and help them heal much faster. Honestly, it’s sure worth it. It is available at most pharmacies.

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