The Best of Riyadh's Street Food

Nothing tastes more local than street food, there is something about all the grease and not knowing how clean the environment it was cooked in that makes it irresistible.

As soon as I land on any country I go straight for the carts on the street, (pro tip: eat yogurt from the same country first to avoid food poisoning) and munch on the goodies. It hasn’t been that long since the street food of Riyadh has been growing. It was common in areas outside of the city, but now you can see it daily in the heart of Riyadh, and every weekend THERE IS A FEAST. And guess what? We assembled the best of city’s street food for you!

French Fries

A portable food box serving you fried and mashed potatoes with toppings like hot sauce, vinegar, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and more.

Satisfaction level: 6/10

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Boiled chickpeas with vinegar, then your choice of toppings from cumin, hot sauce, shaved beets, or extra vinegar. Usually found in specialized food trucks.

Satisfaction level: 10/10

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Fried Little Bits of Heaven

Your choice of fried sambosa stuffed with cheese, meat, vegetables, chicken or  kubba stuffed with meat or chicken. We picked both, because they’re just little bits of heaven. You’ll find these babies homemade and brought in tupperwares along with other traditional foods.

Satisfaction level: 12/10

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Dates Haven

Everything that you can make out of dates you’ll find here. Date syrup, date tahini, kleja, and much more!

Satisfaction level: 8/10

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Rice teamed up with chickpeas, lentil, and macaroni to make the ultimate team of KUSHARI. HURRAH, WE’VE BEEN SAVED! (add the special spicy sauce if you’re feeling extra dangerous)

Satisfaction level: 10/10

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Fresh juices, tea, mint, arabic coffee, and boxed juices. What ever you’re cravin’, they’re servin’.

Satisfaction level: 10/10

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The Hijazi version of dumplings traditionally stuffed with meat, topped with cumin and spicy sauce. All Saudi made, sold with other traditional dishes.

Satisfaction level: 7/10

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Steamin’ hot Peanuts

Hot peanuts cooked with salt, makes the perfect winter snack. This snack is usually sold alone due to the constant need of stirring to make every peanut perfectly salted and hot.

Satisfaction level: 11/10

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Red (Spicy) Jereesh

A delicious version of a Saudi risotto, topped with kishna (caramelized onions). Usually sold with other local food.

Satisfaction level: 10/10

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Traditional Jereesh

A delicious version of a Saudi risotto, topped with kishna (caramelized onions), but for the ones who like to play it safe.

Satisfaction level: 10/10

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Ice Cream (sabbab)

Some say if you see an ice cream truck, and you didn’t stop, a horrible curse will fall upon you. The ultimate Saudi treat. Some trucks have a specific place they park in, but they’re usually on the move.

Satisfaction level: ∞/10

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Biryani Rice

While it originated from India, it’s also common on Saudi tables.

Satisfaction level: 8/10

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