Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The All-New Basta Market

The All-New Basta Market

Converting initiatives into successful businesses.

Inspiration and Launch

A well-known tradition popularly found in Saudi’s villages, and countries around the world, the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry launched the Basta market, with an idea to have a regular Friday market.


To provide a platform that represents the culture of Jeddah by focusing on entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises, and the local Jeddah household, where they present their products and services to a wide customer range on a weekly basis, eventually converting their efforts into final projects.


According to Fayez Al Harbi, the founder of Basta Market and member of JCCI, “There is no regulation of needing a Chamber of Commerce registration or an official commercial registration; you just need an initiative or a business. You can even start at home and present your product at the market and if it is successful and you feel the customers are happy then you can take it further to create your own business.” Although Basta focuses on Saudis, opportunities are offered to expats and local charities to participate as well, creating a multi-purpose market.

14Feedback Till Now

“The response has been amazing, even I wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction. The people’s feedback has been incredible, and they are really happy. They were waiting for a weekly concept like this for a long time,” says Al Harbi.

The market has been a source of collaboration for families where all members are working together on projects as a team, hence bringing them closer. Every member has his or her unique skillful contribution, making it a spectacular cultural and family-oriented market.

12Future with Basta

“The first phase of the market is currently for three months in order to take advantage of the spring weather in Jeddah, as it’s an outdoor venture. We are a bit concerned that it will become hotter in the coming months, so we will consider re-launching it in Ramadan for a couple of weeks, and later on we will maybe bring it to an indoor location to get more people involved,” adds Al Harbi.

11Other Initiatives by JCCI

The annual Young Businessmen Exhibition, held at Jeddah Exhibition Center, where many young men and women present products and services. The exhibition took place April 19 – 24, and was developed to an entrepreneur forum that exhibited businesspersons from all over the country and GCC countries. “It is the first entrepreneurial forum of its kind. It provided entrepreneurs an opportunity to network, develop their business ideas and create joint ventures with others in the region.”

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