Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Ten Handy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind of Mom

Ten Handy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind of Mom
From the very expensive to the does-not-cost-a-thing-at-all.

1. Take her on a trip. To the Maldives, or Dubai, or even Jeddah. Just give her a change of scenery, either with you or with a travel partner she really enjoys. This is our number one thing on the list for a good reason, though, it will take a chunk out of your wallet. You won’t cheapen out on your mom now though, will you? Of course you won’t!

2. A spa day… or a botox appointment. Whatever floats your mother’s boat, really, we ain’t judging. And ladies, we shan’t waste our time pretending you aren’t going to your dermatologist on a bi-yearly basis, yes?

  • DR Likes: Hot Stone, ESPA at Fasaliah, You’re Chic, Adama Clinics, Almultakah 

3. Shiny things are always approved. Plus, it’s a good investment! If you’re smart about your treasure hunt, you’ll even get a lot of bang for your bucks and your mother will love you forever.

  • DR Recommends: Taibah, Althumairy, Tiffany, Korloff, Almouallim

4. Dinner at a fancy restaurant that has her favourite cuisine. Sushi? Go for Nozomi. More of an Armenian fan? Lusin has your back, every time. More of a cheese fondue fan? Melting Pot. She loves desserts? Ladurée is spacious and will go great with that bouquet of pastel flowers you got her, hint hint.

  • DR Likes: Nozomi, Lusin, Bateel, Ladurée, Melting Pot, Fauchon.

5. A donation to her favourite charity. If you really truly care about your mother, you’ll probably care about her afterlife, too, and there is no better gift than ensuring she’ll go into heaven. Right? Plus point if it empowers women, to show her just how much you appreciate her existence.

  • DR Recommends: Bunyan Women’s Charity, Mawadah, Takatuf, WAMY 

6. Print out your favourite old photo of your mom, frame it, and watch as she coos over it for all of eternity. Boom! You’re welcome.

  • DR Likes: The Art of Photography, Desert Publishers.

7. A voucher for a month full of chores. Preferably printed out on nice paper and placed on a breakfast tray that you cooked and delivered to her in bed. We recommend making French toast, it’s very hard to go wrong with French toast. And stick a flower into a vase. This is your mama after all, you’re supposed to be doing those chores without complaint anyway.

8. Make her a video. Have every one of your siblings, your family and your mother’s friends state one thing they love about your mom, add a nice soundtrack and show it to her when she first wakes up. The only thing you’ll be spending is effort, and she will appreciate the sentiment immensely.

9. Let her win five argument. You stingy horrible human, might as well give your mother something.

10. A hug. Every day. On every hour. For the rest of your life. She gave birth to you and put up with you, it’s the absolute least you can do. TSK.


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