Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Tea-Tastic Journey

Tea-Tastic Journey

How do you like your tea?

In the movie “Siberian Education,” grandfather Kuzya tells us the rules of drinking tea: “First, we enjoy its warmth and we appreciate its aroma. And only then do we taste its flavor. Three pleasures in one. And to think, it’s only just water!”

Jesr el Musayab Resturant – Chai the Iraqi Way

iraqitea_jesralmusayab_khobar_2017_haa-1If you’ve ever been served good ol’ extra-boiled tea in a pot with loads of sugar, then make no mistake, you’ve crossed paths with the love it or hate it Iraqi style of tea. It’s famous for being concentrated and extra sweet. We went to try it at Jesr el Musayab in Dhahran.

Location: Amwaj Mall, Prince Faisal bin Fahd Rd., Dhahran

Indian Tea – Karak

karak_antrtea_khobar_2017_haaThe nutmeg, cardamom and saffron flavored red tea is something we all need to warm us up on a cold winter evening. We tried it at the famous Antr tea kiosk and sipped tea while we enjoyed the sea breeze, and we loved it!

Location: Antr Tea, Prince Faisal bin Fahd Rd., Khobar

Ceylon Tea

flowertea_herbaltea_khobar_2017_haaJust as it’s warming to your fingers when you hold the teacup as well as to your stomach when you sip it, it’s also warming to your heart. With a soothing aroma, the saffron and mint flavored Ceylon tea is just delightful. We had it at the Herbal Tea Café in Khobar.

Location: Herbal Tea Café, Prince Turki St., Corniche, Khobar

Heritage Village Market – Al Omda Tea (The Yemeni Way)

yemenitea_alahsa_2017_haa-2What makes this tea taste special is the mix of flavors of the special Yemeni Kabboos tea and basil together. According to Al Omda, who served us the teapot, the basil shouldn’t stay long in the teacup or it will ruin the balance of flavors. We enjoyed it in the Heritage Village in Al Ahsa, and as we sat sipping our tea under the soft drizzle of the end of the winter, the experience was unforgettable!

Location: Heritage Village Market, Ain Najm Rd., Mubarraz, Al Ahsa

Blooming Tea – Blooming Garden Café

tea_bloonminggarden_khobar_2017_haa-2Ever seen a flower blooming before your eyes? That’s exactly what we experienced at the Blooming Garden Café in Khobar. This hand-assembled blooming jasmine tea all the way from China leaves you in awe. Served in a glass pot, you get to see your jasmine tea as it blooms ready for you to drink!

Location: King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Rd. & Prince Faisal bin Fahad Rd., Khobar


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