Tasting Toasted’s New Menu: Restaurant Review

With all the excitement of finally getting to visit Toasted’s first ever dine-in restaurant, I tagged along with my office colleagues and headed to their new outlet.

The restaurant has a modish look, with a two floor dining area that has a surprisingly high use of a bright shade of yellow all over the place.


After being greeted by hospitable waiting staff, we were presented with the all-new and updated menu while stays true to some of our old time favorites.

We started with a set of various salads, which ranged from 27 SR to 44 SR.

The quinoa salad had a nutty-texture and was my personal favorite. The dressing, which accompanied it, was just apt. And while you’re at it, don’t miss the tunafarro salad with its flavorsome aftertaste is not to miss.


Another salad we tried was the harvest bowl, although it looks quite appealing with the abundance of shiny wild rice grains, it carried a strong sour taste to it, a bit too sour for me to be honest. We seemed to amplify the sourness by the excessive dressing we put on it.

We then moved on to the main course, and I ordered the hero sandwich, which was moderately priced at 33 SR. It is made of meatballs and served with Parmesan in baguette bread. I would consider it to be the best sandwich I’ve had at Toasted.

I also asked for French Fries to accompany my sandwich, which priced at 11 SR and are perhaps one of the best I’ve tried in Jeddah.

For dessert, I chose the chocolate brownie bar that had a small serving size, but its delicious taste made up for it. And to further give into my chocolate cravings of the day I opted for the chocolate mouse, which priced at 15 SR ,was well presented and delectable.

I must say that my highlight of the day were the salads, not to degrade the other servings I had, but the salads just seemed to have a slighter edge over the other items.


Price Range per head: 40-60SR

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