Swipe for Food

Download an app and get food delivered!


All of these apps offer similar restaurant options:hunger-station

  • Hunger Station – This one is DS tried and tested: They’re quick and foolproof. Also, the app was established by Ebrahim Al Jassim, mentioned in Forbes Middle East’s 2014 edition of Top 10 Leaders Inspiring a Kingdom.

Web: hungerstation.com


  • Talabat – Originally a Kuwaiti brand, Talabat now has more than 1,900 restaurants in its listings from six countries and have won several awards.

Web: talabat.com


  • HelloFood – HelloFood launched in Saudi Arabia in 2013. The app allows you to see short reviews by other customers.

Web: hellofood.sa


  • My6alab – Founded in 2012 in Sharqiya, My6alab quickly expanded to the rest of the Kingdom.

Web: my6alab.com


  • Order Me – Order Me actually has the most varied delivery options, ranging from restaurants like Bun and Patty to home-based food businesses.

Web: orderme.com.saf



  • Foodgawker – Foodgawker is your online cookbook. The recipes are posted by food bloggers from around the world and the very best ones are handpicked by Foodgawker editors.

Web: foodgawker.com



  • Cheflr – Cheflr is the Saudi version of Foodgawker. The app is available in both English and Arabic but most of the recipes you’ll find are in Arabic and tailored to Arab tastes.

Twitter: cheflrapp



  • Wain Nakel – Is it one of those days when you can’t be bothered to cook at home but can’t decide where to eat? A few taps on the Wain Nakel app will make the decision for you!

Web: wainnakel.com



  • Foursquare – This app has a lot of uses: it not only lets you find and check in to a restaurant, but also upload photos and reviews and browse through recommendations from others.

Web: foursquare.com

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