Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Sweet Valley High: Take A Dessert Trip Around Riyadh

Sweet Valley High: Take A Dessert Trip Around Riyadh

Travel the world with these drool-worthy desserts!

Rossopomodoro – Calda Calda


Imagine this: pizza dough that’s fried to perfection, covered in sugar, and topped with a dollop of sweet, sweet Nutella. Salivating yet? We are. Following the tradition of Napoli’s naturally decadent desserts, this particular dish isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Location: Tahlia St.
Instagram: rossopomodorosaudi

Caffe Bene – Strawberry Bingsu


Caffe Bene is one of our favorite spots in the city for good reason. They’ve got yummy Korean milk tea and a great selection of bingsu, made out of shaved ice with different toppings.

Location: Takhassosi St.
Instagram: caffebene_ksa

El Chico – Apple Pie


Of all our finds in the city, El Chico’s apple pie is our favorite. Served steaming hot in a sizzling pan, it’s also one of the better apple pies and it’s a perfect mix for the restaurant’s tex-mex cuisine.

Location: By Mamlakah Hospital
Instagram: elchicorestaurant

Amorino – Gelato


We dare you to find anyone who isn’t immediately enchanted by Amorino’s flower shaped ice cream cone. It’s pretty, it’s perfectly lickable, and it’s one of the best gelatos this side of Saudi Arabia.

Location: Fiorenza Plaza
Instagram: amorinoarabia

Lusin- Cotton Candy Rosewater Ice Cream


Armenian cuisine set its cornerstone in Riyadh with Lusin, beloved and craved by all. Which is why we think there’s no better way to teleport you to Yerevan than their cotton candy rosewater ice cream. Succulent, with the perfect blend of sweet and contrasting textures, it’s hard-pressed to find a hater for this one.

Location: Centria Mall
Instagram: _lusin_

Hong’s – Fried Ice Cream


Biting into the outer crust, the dessert is crispy, hot, cold and soft all at once. Pretty much like a party in your mouth and then some— the crunchy texture stays consistent even when it starts to soak itself in the ice cream. Hong Kong, we love you.

Location: Ritz-Carlton
Instagram: rcmemories

Kosebasi – Dondurmali Irmik


A hot semolina dessert topped with pistachios and ice cream? Take our money! Take all of it! Yes, Turkish soap operas are what started the craze for all things post-ottoman in the GCC, but it’s the food that made that love stick like superglue in our stomachs- er, we mean hearts.

Location: Tahlia St, Arcadia Plaza
Instagram: kosebasiarabia

Magnolia Bakery- Banana Cream Pie


There aren’t a lot of American pies in the city, so when we discovered Magnolia’s banana cream we were over the moon. Dear reader, you do not understand on what level our office is obsessed with this creamy sugary healthy (because bananas, doh) confection. Bring on more pies, Riyadh! We ain’t sayin’ no.

Location: Fiorenza Plaza
Instagram: magnoliabakeryksa


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