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STTAR Institute & Angelina Restaurants Sign a Cooperation Agreement

STTAR Institute and Angelina Restaurants have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the aim of training and qualifying national cadres in the restaurant and café sector based on the needs of the Saudi labor market, which seeks to keep pace with the development of the tourism sector in line with the objectives of The Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The agreement aims to unite the efforts of both parties in the fields of training and employment in the tourism and hospitality sectors in general and in the restaurant and café sector in particular, STTAR Institute invests its expertise in the qualification of national cadres through intensive training and the development of  skills required to enable them to work professionally in this vital sector, also it’s one of the leading institutes in the field of training in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

Angelina’s restaurant chains has also been known for its tireless efforts to raise the efficiency and quality of services, making this cooperation a rich opportunity to harness its long-standing experience in developing and qualifying national cadres to improve their level of careers through STTAR Accelerator, a program of the STTAR Institute that has achieved positive results in training and qualifying job seekers in the tourism and hospitality sectors by developing professional mentality and providing them with the necessary tools and applied skills that will support them to obtain sustainable job opportunities in the sector in accordance with the needs of the local labor market and in line with the best international standards._p0a9953

Mr. Salman Gasim, CEO of STTAR Tourism Institute, said: “This agreement achieves one of the most important objectives of STTAR Institute, which is to enable qualified national competencies to fill a variety of jobs in the tourism sector in proportion to the need of the Saudi labor market by training and qualifying young men and women to be pillars that help achieving the national vision of Saudi Arabia 2030.”

For his part, Mr. Mustafa Mohamed Shabib, CEO of Angelina French Restaurants, explained: “The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 has been keen to promote integration and cooperation between different sectors in order to achieve the vision objectives with the highest standards and efficiency, our partnership with The STTAR Institute is a strategic step that contributes to creating job opportunities for national cadres in the tourism and hospitality sectors in line with the Kingdom’s vision 2030 to develop the tourism sector and enhance its position in creating career opportunities and strengthening the national economy.”

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