Spreading the Love of Lotus

By Mona Sabr

Cakes made of biscuits – It’s desserts all the way down!

Vanilla Patisserie: Lotus Cupcake

VanillaPatisserie lotus

Located in Corniche behind Al Turki Center, this bakery is passionate about delivering an array of delicious cakes, cupcakes, truffles and other desserts. Their Lotus cupcake is basically a mini version of their yummy Lotus cake, rich with cream cheese, thick Lotus syrup and a heaping of Lotus crumbs on the top. One of the best versions of a Lotus cake I’ve had so far.

Lamlicious: Lotus Jars

Lamlicious lotus jars

Lamlicious is well known for their customized homemade cakes, a highlight of which is their Lotus Jar. These jars are a mixture of savory Lotus cake and thick Lotus syrup. Packaged in a small jar, these are perfect as gifts or for small gatherings.

Karak & Cake: Lotus Cheesecake


Hopping on the latest food craze, Karak & Cake offer a simple but very delicious version of the newly popular Lotus cheesecake. This café is located on the first floor of Al Othaim Mall and boasts a variety of foods, cakes, desserts and drinks. They also offer catering services.

Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy a cup of karak with your slice of cake.

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