Soulful Sounds with Belle (the singer) 

One of Jeddah’s amazing local talents goes by the name of Belle.

What inspired you to start singing?
“The mother of all questions! Growing up, my house was always filled with music. My dad is a musician. I was exposed to music from a very early age. It was a great time to get my accent up and check.”

Talk about your influences:
Always a nineties kid so a lot of boy bands. So you’re talking Backstreet Boys, Blue, Westlife and then the cliché Britney Spears. All this got me singing and I’ve been singing for a very long time.

Performing though is something very new to me. I was very shy with my performances when I was younger and until recently I have never felt comfortable with my signing for audiences.

Singing and performing came gradually yet there was a moment, a spark as well. It was continuous practice and persistence that grew my confidence. Then I saw all these people my age reaching fame and stardom and doing what they do so passionately. Seeing that I thought to myself, I should do that too. I saw that at that time, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers all just came out and I thought to myself that I am the exact same age and I have talent, I can do it!

Being a female singer in Saudi:
Some people might think this step is not very good or acceptable in our society. But I don’t think I am doing anything wrong or something promiscuous.

After performing, the feedback is always so positive and I see so much encouragement from everyone.

Who are you listening to right now?

  • Jenny Aioko

  • Beyonce

  • Dre

  • Usher

Local musical scene is booming and it’s on fire. I am in the midst of it, the music scene is small enough so we all know each other and big enough that it is versatile.

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