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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Small Wonders

Small Wonders

Young author, wise words – Sadeem Al Nahdi.

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Sadeem and I’m 11 years old. I’m from Jeddah, but I live in Saudi Aramco, Dhahran. I study at Dhahran Ahliyya Schools and my hobbies are reading, swimming and creating artworks.

Can you tell us about your book?
My book is called “I Will Always Keep My Promise.” It talks about a very important lesson every mother should teach her children about honoring promises and not spreading personally-shared secrets to others.

What inspired you to write this book?
In first grade, my friend shared a big secret with me and I was not supposed to tell it to anyone. But, because I was young and I did not know the value of keeping a secret, I told everyone about it, which made my friend mad at me. That was the end of our friendship.

What was your experience working with the illustrator like?
I was so glad that Myra Al Mir was my illustrator because she added a lot of excitement to the story.

How was the publishing process like?
The process was not easy at all. People think young writers cannot write properly. I believe young writers are capable of writing if their environment supports them.Untitled-1

Who is your target audience?
Any child 6-12 years old.

Do you have any writing advice?
First, try to write down every idea that pops in your mind. You can write from your imagination or based on a situation that happened to you. Then, draw an outline to determine the characters, setting, main problem, solution, summary of events and the moral lesson. After that, start adding extra details to grab attention. Always keep in mind this phrase: “Show me, don’t tell me.” Also, the major key to write is to read. Read stories daily and discuss what you read with adults.

Any advice for parents?
My advice to all parents is to make sure your child never misses a day without reading. At the same time, don’t force them to read. Try to combine what your child already loves with reading or within the stories.

You favorite books or writers?
I love “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” and “Matilda.” I’ll read anything by Roald Dahl or Dr. Suess.

Instagram: sadeem_alnahdi


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