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By Norah Alwalan and Duha AlHosainy

A roundup of Riyadh’s favorite meaty treat.

There is much debate about the “perfect” or “best” shawarma. We did not dare go after that daunting and, in my opinion, almost impossible mission. Instead, we decided to rate different popular shawarma restaurants based on a criteria. We also ordered the most popular order at each restaurant, according to the staff.

Rating is out of 10 based on flavor, quality of the bread, and overall happiness.



Price: SR 22
Order: 3arabo
Flavor: 3
Bread: 6
Overall Happiness: 3.5

“Unfortunately, it was lacking in flavor and the too oily”



Price: SR 6
Order: Classic shawarma with lemon and tahina
Flavor: 8
Bread: 6
Overall Happiness: 8

 “The tanginess of the lemon is what makes this shawarma. And you can’t get any more old-school than Alajmi!”


Mama Noura

Price: SR 4
Order: Chicken shawarma
Flavor: 7.5
Bread: 6.5
Overall Happiness: 6

 “Messy, small, and absolutely delicious”



Price: SR 5
Order: Chicken shawarma
Flavor: 5
Bread: 8
Overall Happiness: 6

 “Waay too bready. More meat and less bread would’ve made it much better.”



Price: SR 4
Order: Malaki
Flavor: 2.5
Bread: 5.5
Overall Happiness: 2

 “This gave me trust issues.”


Farrouj AlShifa

Price: SR 3
Order: Chicken shawarma
Flavor: 0
Bread: -2.5
Overall Happiness: -17.5

 “Mob good.”


AlSaj AlThahabi

Price: SR 4
Order: Chicken shawarma
Flavor: 7.5
Bread: 7.5
Overall Happiness: 7.5

“The classic shawarma.”

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