Sharqiya Shawarmania

By Noura Al Joaib

The tastiest argument of all: Who’s got the best shawarma?


Started out small, Boromana now has two large branches in both Khobar and Dammam. Its expansion is a reflection of its popularity.


Location: Corniche, Khobar and 1st St., Dammam


Maxim would best be described with the expression “old is gold.” Around for quite a while, the shawarma there has remained consistently delicious.


Location: Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Rd. (Pepsi Rd.), Khobar


Known for being both light and tasty, Fattota’s shawarma is a favorite for many because of their usage of Turkish bread and the right combo of garlic and pickles.


Location: Abdullah ibn Al Abbas St., Doha, Dhahran


Mozon gained popularity when it became one of the first places to add cheese to its shawarma. Lo and behold, the masses have been hooked ever since.5shawarma_Khobar_2016_AA-3

Location: Abdullah ibn Al Abbas St., Doha, Dhahran
Tel: +966-13-8911779

Al Wazzan

Always busy, Al Wazzan’s speciality is their beef shawarma. A combination of grilled tomatoes, fresh red onions and parsley make up the filling of this yummy meaty goodness.


Location: King Abdulaziz Rd., Khobar


Very popular and truly innovative, Shawarmer has managed to evolve the standard shawarma while maintaining everything that makes a shawarma great. This spot is an excellent choice for anyone who likes a little something extra in their wrap.



  • Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Rd. (Pepsi Rd.), Khobar
  • Abu Bakr Alsiddiq St., Dammam
  • Al Shira’ St., Jubail
  • King Faisal St. (West), Jubail
  • Riyadh Rd., Al Ahsa

Instagram: shawarmerSA

3a Keifak

Gourmet shawarma? This is where to find it. Their shawarma is a little pricier than the one you’d be getting from your typical shawarma joint but it’s totally worth it.


Tel: +966-13-8890077
Location: Right Outside of Gate 1, Rashid Mall, Khobar
Instagram: 3akeifak

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