Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Seafood Oscar Celebrations

Seafood Oscar Celebrations

DJ’s team picks its award winning seafood dish out of each visited restaurant.

The team embarked on the seafood festival as they visited several fruit de mer restaurants and tried different dishes. Since it is Oscar season, find below the award-winning dishes and DJ’s top picks.


Sayadiyah Express

Fish Hara (SR 36)
Oscar for the Best Spicy Dish

It is perfect for both your adventurous spice-seeking soul and your culinary fish loving spirit.

Location: Sultan Mall/ Andalus Mall/ Roshan Mall/ Aziz Mall/ Khaldiyah Dist. / Red Sea Mall/ Haifaa Mall
Instagram: sayadiyah_express



Tajen Curry (price per kilo)
Oscar for Most Delicious Indian Mix

Bits of fish fillet and shrimps swimming in silky smooth rich yellow curry will leave you gratified.

Location: Al Andalus/ Dahban/ will open soon on Prince Sultan St.
Instagram: twinapark


Sayadiyah Crab House

Shawaya Crab House (SR 225)
Oscar for Grilled Perfection

You’ll eat this right off the grill, literally. Crabs, shrimps, lobsters and fish fillet are all placed on top of the grill and smell of the most beautiful barbeque aroma.

Location: Sari St. after SABB Bank
Instagram: sayadiyahcrabhouse


Al Zahra Restaurant

Fish Cakes (Buffet SR 245)
Oscar for The Sauciest Fish

The tangy red sauce plays a huge role in making the fish burgers this tender. They are so moist they simply melt across your palette.

Location: Al Hamra Corniche, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ground Floor
Instagram: cpjeddah

Habsburg Restaurant

(Buffet SR 225)

It’s a double win for Habsburg restaurant for the mixed seafood soup and squid with oyster sauce.


Mixed Seafood Soup
Oscar for Most Flavorful Soup

The spices in the soup, such as the ginger and the cumin, will be felt with all their might as they slide across your palette. The bits of seafood drowned in the stock are so tender as they descend to find their rightful place in your stomach.


Squid with Oyster Sauce
Oscar for Most Succulent Squid Sizzle

The squid cooked in garlic and oyster sauce is left to sizzle adding piquancy and succulence to the dish.

Location: Rosewood Hotel, Corniche Rd.
Instagram: rwjeddah

Nafoura Restaurant

(Buffet SR 250)

Another double win because it was too hard to pick just one with the sea bass and the octopus.


Sea Bass
Oscar for The Most Well Seasoned Fish

Simply perfect, the sea bass has crispy edges and a really soft middle along with tangy seasoning. To actually make fish taste this way deserves an Oscar in itself.


Octopus with Tomato Sauce
Oscar for Delicacy of All

This is a dish we hadn’t stumbled upon in any other restaurant. Even though it is octopus and may seem like it is only for the risk-taking eaters, this platter will still appeal to the timid ones who will break their food fear barriers.

Location: Park Hyatt, Al Hamra Corniche
Instagram: parkhyattjeddah


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