Sea Food Review: Nafoura at Park Hyatt Jeddah

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The Luxury of Dining

Our seafood fest comes to an end at Park Hyatt’s Nafoura.

(Spoiler alert) The fest’s finale was a great one indeed. Here are the dishes we have tried out for you.

  • The buffet is every Thursday and is for SR 250 (minus drinks)
  • It is from 6.30 p.m. to 12 a.m.
  • Nafoura provides a one-to-one guest chef experience. Guests can communicate their wishes directly to the chef and have their meal prepared the way they like.
  • Local fish is available
  • A fish market-like area, where guests can pick the fish they wish to try and see it as it is cleaned.
  • Right opposite the previous area is the live cooking station where guests can watch.
  • A warm platter section is available
  • A sushi bar for your cravings
  • A salad section with a huge variety of greens. You can even make your own tabouleh there.
  • Dishes are adorned with edible flowers!


Mussel Salad

This is a one of a kind salad that won’t be found elsewhere. The mussels are shredded into tiny pieces and chugged in with veggies. The crunch of the vegetables, the moistness of the mussels along with the tanginess of the lemon juice squeezed over it, put it on top of our salad list.

YumMeter: 5/5


Scallop Salad

This salad is not on display at the salad section; it must be specially ordered. The scallop had a smokey taste to it and a chewy texture. However, the salads at the titled section deserve more attention. Big plus for the dish’s wonderful presentation though.

YumMeter: 3/5


Sea Bass

3 words: It is perfect!

The sea bass has crispy tan edges and a soft middle that slides across your pallet, with the zest of lemon juice and black pepper to give it an adventurous edge. The dish is very tender; you can cut into it with your spoon!

YumMeter: 5/5



The mussels are topped with sour cream. The flesh is very easy to peel off the shell itself. Some people however may have trouble acquiring the surprising taste of the cream as it juxtaposes the mild flavor of the mussels.

YumMeter: 4/5


Grilled Lobster

Chunky sweet white meat is what we have to say about the lobster. It was a bit thick to tear into, but retained the barbeque aroma and the roasted taste.

YumMeter: 3/5


Octopus with Tomato Sauce

This is a very unique dish; we are so glad we had the chance to try it. If you want a twist on all the typical seafood dishes, then this is what you should go for. The octopus, immersed in rich red sauce, is soft to cut into. It’s fleshy and emits a flavor of chilly that makes your taste buds celebrate a fiesta.

YumMeter: 5/5

To top it all off, we had our dinner outside by the sea. Nothing like watching the sun set over the fountain and the clear blue water to relax you.

Location: Nafoura Restaurant,Al Hamra’a Dist., Park Hyatt, ground floor
Instagram: parkhyattjeddah

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