Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Sea Food Review: Habsburg Restaurant at Rosewood Jeddah

Sea Food Review: Habsburg Restaurant at Rosewood Jeddah

For a sophisticated seafood dinner

Our seafood festival continues as we march onto the classy Habsburg’s buffet. The buffet costs SR 225 without the beverage and is from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. There is a theme night every Thursday.

What we loved most about dinner here were the live stations around, as the venue is highly organized.

Here are some of the dishes there that we have tried.
Tuna Salad

Mushed to perfection, the tuna blended in with mayonnaise with the mini veggie slices hidden inside it is a great start to the buffet.

YumMeter: 5/5

Mixed seafood salad

This is a small dish of cold mixed seafood. It included calamari, shrimps, celery, lemon and covered in olive oil. It’s a fun dish to chug on before digging into the more serious platters. However, it needed more of a kick with maybe more spices and a dash of something spicy.

YumMeter: 3/5

Squid With Oyster Sauce

Mushy squid drenched in oyster sauce is simply delicious! It is so soft it slides across your palette leaving you with a zesty taste and wanting a refill.

YumMeter: 5/5

Hamour with Sayadiyah Rice

This dish does not only taste good, but resonates of a classical essence as this is a straight forward platter that relies on the taste more than on culinary twists. The white flesh of the hamour is very tender as it could be scooped up so easily with a spoon. As for the sayadiyah rice, it is perfectly cooked and gives off a hint of cinnamon taste.

YumMeter: 5/5

Grilled Section
  • Grilled shrimps: The shrimps came apart so easily and were a lovely shade of orange. They tasted of smoky excellence.

  • Grilled Salmon: The grilled salmon was juicy and with the mushrooms that adorned it, it was even moister.

  • Grilled Lobster: Even though it was a bit tough and hard to cut into, the chewy flesh gave off the barbeque-y essence.

YumMeter: 4/5

Mixed Seafood Soup

The spices in the soup, such as the ginger and the cumin, will be felt with all their might as they slide across your palette. The bits of seafood drowned in the stock are so tender and the entire bowl of soup explodes with flavor.

YumMeter: 5/5


The dessert section was definitely impressive. Our top picks were the mini tarts. There were red grape topped ones and blueberry ones. The tart dough was the right balance of chewiness and crispiness. Its buttercup honey yellow colored custard did not only look picturesque, but also tasted of sweet delight.

Habsburg managed to combine delectable food with a sophisticated atmosphere along with impeccable service. So head over there for the mouthwatering meals.

Location: Corniche Rd, North Sari St., Rosewood, 1st floor
Instagram: rwjeddah


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