Sea Food Festival: Twina Jeddah Review

Next on our list for the sea food expedition is Twina.

First thing we noticed about the place…it is huge! Twina is made up of two stories with the family section taking larger space than the singles’. There are even private sections with partitions for families. Oh, to top it all off, creatures of the sea are displayed out for you so you can take your pick.

The staff was very helpful and pleasant. Not to mention the food arrived really fast.

  • Dishes: Not your cliché dishes, definitely some creative twists on all things seafood.
  • Prices: Per kilo
    Najel Fish: SR 165
    Hareed and Hamour: SR 115
    Shrimp: SR 185
    Fillet: SR 80
    Salads: SR 18
    Rice: SR 10
    Plus SR 25 for Tajen and SR 40 for Kunooz and Seneyah


Twina Shrimp Bechamel
The shrimps look like they are just chillin’ in a tub of bechamel (white sauce). Dig in to find sweet and mashed shrimp bits with spices, cream and green peppers. The presentation of the dish is enough to spark your culinary curiosity, trust us!

YumMeter: 5/5


Tajen Bechamel Shrimps
This sizzling hot tajen of shrimps underneath a layer of thick béchamel left us with fireworks in our tummies. The béchamel with the toasted top had a cheesy flavor to it. The only difficulty was actually managing to cut out a piece of that white roux goodness.

YumMeter: 4/5


Fried Shrimps and Fried Fish
Belonging to the classical ways of cooking seafood, both dishes were fried to crispiness. The juxtaposition of the dishes was on point as the crunchy outside opposed the soft inside. The taste of the frying batter of the shrimp had that tanginess about it that we loved more than that of the fish.

YumMeter: 4/5


Kunooz Twina Fish
The deliciously prepared fish was concealed underneath a layer of the white sauce that by now you know is a specialty of Twina. The open fish was stuffed with pasta and potatoes, both of which added starchy goodness to the meal.

YumMeter: 4/5


Tajen Curry
This plate should be on every seafood menu if it’ll be executed this well! Bits of fish fillet and shrimps swam in rich yellow curry sauce. The curry sauce was simply silky smooth and the seafood itself was cooked to ultimate tenderness, it simply melted in your mouth and left you gratified.

YumMeter: 5/5

For an innovative spin on all the beloved seafood dishes, head to Twina!

Branches: Al Andalus/ Dahban/ will open soon in Prince Sultan St.
Tel: 920028284
Tel: +966-12-6673837
Tel: +966-551674444

Instagram: twinapark
Facebook: twina-park-seafood-restaurant

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