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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Sea Food Festival: Sayadiyah Crab House in Jeddah Review

Sea Food Festival: Sayadiyah Crab House in Jeddah Review
Aaah seafood, we meet again; this time at Sayadiyah Crab House. The restaurant provides a one of a kind experience here in J-Town.

Upon setting foot there, we could immediately sense its light-hearted vibes especially with its bright colors and funny posters hanging everywhere, so it is perfecto for family gatherings. The service there was very welcoming as well.

Fun facts:

The food was presented on the grill itself, now this is what’s called dining in style!

Salads (SR 23-45)

The salads here are actually noteworthy, because they are not just a bunch of veggies huddled up together on a plate. They are seafood salads, so you will find the plate adorned with fried shrimps or calamari bits that are very crispy. They explode with more taste when dipped in the delectable sauces.

YumMeter: 5/5


Crab Mushroom (SR 30)

This dish is made up of mushrooms covered with a layer of crab. It is definitely an acquired taste because it depends on whether you like mushrooms or not. However, there is no doubt that the mushrooms and crabs are very succulent and melt in your palette. The dish is accompanied with mashed potatoes as well, so the moistness continues.

YumMeter: 4/5


Fettuccine With Crab and Shrimps (SR 54)

This plate may be found in a lot of other places, but it won’t be as satisfying. It is the right amount of creamy and the crabs and shrimps nestled in are very tender.

YumMeter: 5/5


Risotto (SR 62)

The colors of this dish are so vibrant, truly picture perfect. Even though the risotto was meant to be the main star, the well-cooked crabs and mussels stole the show.

YumMeter: 3/5


Shawaya Crab House (SR 225)

You’ll eat this right off the grill, literally. Crabs, shrimps, lobsters and fish fillet are all placed on top of the grill and smell of the most beautiful barbeque aroma. Everything is cooked to perfection, so have a feast as you bite into the juicy flesh.

We immediately yelled out “shrimp on the barbie”

YumMeter: 5/5


Captain Cabral (SR 219)

Snow crabs, lobsters, potatoes and corncobs all steamed and ready to be devoured. Using your tools, your will pry open the sea beings and taste the smooth meat. Even though you may think crabs are not fleshy, you will be glad to find out how mistaken you are. The crabs along with everything else presented, are indeed plump and very fresh.

YumMeter: 5/5


Sayadiyah Crab House is not only about the food, but also about the full experience.

Location: Sari St. after SABB bank
Tel: + 966-12-6835122
Instagram: sayadiyahcrabhouse
Facebook: Sayadiyah-Crabhouse


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