Did you say mutton chops? We’ve found the best in Sharqiya

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By Ahmad Dialdin

Bundoo Khan offers some of the spiciest South Asian dishes I’ve ever come across. Trust me, I was raised by a man that would carry tiny bright-red thai chili peppers in his briefcase when he travelled because he didn’t trust the spice capabilities of any restaurants we went to. Bundoo Khan know what they’re doing.

They’ve been a staple of Khobar for a long time, but I had only come across it a few years ago by a good friend who wanted to challenge my sense of spice. He took me there and said, “Mutton chops.”

I asked that it be extra super spicy and the waiter recognized that eternal burning we of the spice-cabal carry within us. Lightly charred and deliciously tender, I tore through them and savored every last bite as I nibbled them down to the bone, eyes dancing ablaze, lips on fire, body breaking into a light sweat.

“What do you think?”
“Heaven.” (Puff of smoke sizzling out of my mouth.)

So, mutton chops are a must, and I would also recommend the Dal Makhani (a buttery lentils and beans dish) and the Palak Paneer (a spinach and paneer cheese paste­-y goodness), two dishes to eat with their amazing garlic naan.


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Prince Fawaz and 17th Street, and Prince Musaid and 22nd Street.

Web: www.bundookhan.com

Email: info@bundookhan.com

Tel: +966-13-8932545; +966-13-8673443

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