Saudi Women Can!

Alwaleed Philanthropies held a conference on Saturday March 12 under the title “Saudi Women Can”.

The event, which featured leading female figures locally and internationally, discussed the changing role of women in the work force, and the media’s representation of women, both locally and internationally.

Its aim was to empower Saudi women and push them to get invested and involved.

Local speakers included pioneers, such as Abeer Al Essa, Deemah Alyahya,Adwa Aldakhil and Hadeel Ayoub, as well as leaders in government and media, such as Shura council members Dr. Iqbal Darandr and Kawthar Al Arbash, Chamber of Commerce board member Lama Al Sulaiman, and more.

International speakers included Cherie Blaire, head of the Cheri Blair Foundation for Women, Joelle Tanguy, Director of UNWomen Strategic Partnerships division, as well as the CEO of Thompson Reuters Foundation.


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