Saudi Fransi for Finance Leasing

Saudi Fransi for Finance Leasing for their Clients: Choose your car and your insurance.

Riyadh – Saudi Arabia: After our successful achievements and huge product demand by the customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we, Saudi Fransi for Finance Leasing launched the latest offers to our customers under the title: «Choose your car and your insurance instantly without any trouble».

The advantage of this new offer includes our commitment (being the lessor) to obtain at least three insurance quotations for each customer at the beginning of the finance lease contract and on annual basis, and the selection of the best and lowest-priced offer for the lessee, where the lessor also agrees with the lessee on the annual depreciation percentage of vehicle’s insurance value.whatsapp-image-2020-12-06-at-7-13-25-pm

Mr. Mashhor Al-Masudi, CEO of Saudi Fransi for Finance Leasing, affirmed the company’s readiness to apply comprehensive insurance controls on financing leased vehicles to individuals, and that he always strives to provide the best financing solutions to the clients, whether they are companies, institutions or individuals.

“We are determined to continue setting new standards in the leasing financing market in order to provide comfort to our customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the highest quality, best types of services and products that they desire, reassuring that all our products are compliant with Islamic law.” He added

“The comprehensive insurance controls for financing leased vehicles for new individuals aim to regulate the relationship between financing companies and their individual clients with regard to insurance for financially leased vehicles,” Al-Masudi explained

It should be noted that Saudi Fransi for Finance Leasing (SFL)  is a company fully owned by the Banque Saudi Fransi (BSF) to meet the financial needs of customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company started its activity in mid-2012, and since then it has positioned as one of the most important companies in the finance leasing market by providing the best financing solutions to individuals, companies, and institutions by our distinguished experts. The SFL is keen to ensure that all its products are in compliance with Islamic Shariah.

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