Saudi Arabia's Most Beautiful Universities

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A lot goes on in Saudi Arabian universities, but sometimes what makes them standout is their architectural beauty.

Learning in such universities comes with a feel good factor. Here are Saudi Arabian universities with beautiful campuses.

King Abdulaziz University

Fountains, large spaces and a gorgeous atrium featuring Islamic architecture makes this campus a lovely place to study in. The campus reflects the Islamic and traditional Saudi Arabian values.

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King Saud bin Abdulaziz University

The Al-Ahsa campus of King Saud University is probably one of the most gorgeous example of modern architecture combined with Islamic architectural motifs

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Umm Al Qura University

Located in the holy city of Makkah, the sprawling Umm Al Qura university campus is clearly a breathtaking site. The long hall decorated with arches is reminiscent of Islamic architecture.


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King Abdullah University for Science and Technology

Hands down one of the best campuses in the Kingdom. Students from all over the world study here and enjoy its blissful seaside views and state of the art facilities.

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Princess Nora bint Abdul Rahman University

This campus is huge, beautiful and comes with its own driver-less metro transport! We absolutely love the intricate and well-thought of architectural designs and layouts. This university is a treat to study at!


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Al Yamamah University

This private university in Riyadh houses a Microsoft innovation center within its boundaries. Plus it looks gorgeous in the evening when the sun is setting and the lights are up!

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Love your University campus?! Tell us about it!

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