Rosewood Hosts A Special Vertical Marathon to Mark World Autism Day

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Being a member of the Friends of Autism support group since 2011, Rosewood Jeddah hosted its annual Light It Up Blue Initiative event in accordance with the Jeddah Autism Center on World Autism Awareness Day on Saturday, the 2nd of April 2016. The event hosted another Vertical Marathon Run, during which kids and adults competed to raise awareness for autism and the importance of practising a healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, a complimentary medical checkup and talk by a certified nutritionist on the importance of good eating habits and leading a fit and healthy lifestyle was arranged.

A ceremony took place to award the children, families and Autism Friends with medals, certificates and vouchers for Rosewood Jeddah’s popular Habsburg restaurant as gesture of support and appreciation.


More information available at:

Facebook: RosewoodJeddah
Instagram: RWJeddah

To learn more about autism, be sure to check out a new show called “The A Word” about a 5 year old boy and how his family cope with the revelation that he has autism. It is a refreshing take on how autism can be a gift, rather than a disadvantage.

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