Riyadh’s KAPSARC Is One Of The Most Beautiful Buildings In The Middle East – Here Are 8 Facts About It

Photo Credit: bimcommunity.com Photo Credit: bimcommunity.com

Photos of the futuristic-looking King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC) have been circulated far and wide on every medium possible. But many still don’t know what it does or anything else about it for that matter apart from the way it looks. That’s where we come in and clear all doubts that surround this amazing building.

  • The KAPSARC campus measures a huge 70,000m² in size.

That’s enough to fit nine football fields.

Photo Credit: archdaily.com

Photo Credit: archdaily.com

  • It actually is a non-profit institution.

And collaborates with international research centers, public policy organizations, government institutions and global industry to tackle energy challenges.

  • In simple terms, KAPSARC develops policies and economic frameworks.

Particularly those that reduce the environmental impact and overall costs of energy supply.

Photo Credit: archdaily.com

Photo Credit: archdaily.com

  • In fact, it not only makes environmentally friendly policies, its campus in itself is environmentally friendly.

And was awarded LEED Platinum certification as it minimizes energy usage by using solar power, water recycling and passive cooling systems amongst others.

Photo Credit: archdaily.com

Photo Credit: archdaily.com

  • KAPSARC was designed by celebrated architect Zaha Hadid’s company –ZHA.

The structure resembles a honeycomb.

  • The structure is designed considering the harsh desert conditions that surround it.

It blocks the sun’s harshest rays while remaining open to northern and westerly winds.

Photo Credit: archdaily.com

Photo Credit: archdaily.com

  • It has been named Saudi Arabia’s smartest building.

By the Honeywell Smart Building Awards program.

  • There is even a sizeable musallah inside it.

Like the other structures in KAPSARC, even the musallah looks futuristic.

Photo Credit: hok.com

Photo Credit: hok.com

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