Reviving Traditions

By Johara Al Mogbel

Here are some creative ideas to liven your family spirit and put a bit of spin on your Ramadan nights.

Probably best if you leave this till after you break fast. We really wouldn’t want you licking Fudge Mountain.

Bond with your Family Over a Game of Monopoly
Even the new generation can relate to the Empire version, buy Beats and Angry Bird instead of Park Lane and Whitechapel.

Pass Down an Old Tradition
Teach the young’uns Kairam and let’em bruise their fingers getting their men pocketed.

Learn Something New
Come on, who doesn’t want to be the next Paddleball Champ? It’ll take your mind off iftar, at any rate.

Watercolors and Paper: Get Creative!
Draw what you’re thankful for. This way, you can save memories, make a countdown calendar and an Eid banner all at once.

Remember these? They’re easily transportable, which is why they’re perfect to bring with you to keep the kids entertained.

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