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Quick Healthy Snacks

Quick Healthy Snacks

Making elaborate meals early in the morning can be quite a task, especially if you’re not a morning person. Some of you may not even gulp down your warm coffee or tea and just leave home after a quick breakfast.

Here are some quick-fix snack ideas that are healthy and easy to make and that’ll keep you energised for a while!


1. The Bunny Salad

Cut a couple of carrots and cucumbers, throw in a dash of pepper and add a few cashew nuts or peanuts. You’re ready to go.


2. Dry Fruits Mix

This one’s everybody’s favourite, and for good reason. A pack of raisins, almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, peanuts and pine nuts is a great quick snack that will provide you with energy in the middle of the day.


3. Dates to the rescue..

Always carry a box of dry-variety dates with you to school or work. These have energy, fibre and a lot of vitamins to keep you healthy and full. Best tip? Prepare them in advance by removing the seed and stuffing them with an almond or two. You can use any nut of your choice, but almonds are usually preferred.


4. The Salad Sandwich

Take 5-10 minutes off from your morning routine to make this ‘rainbow’ sandwich. Spread a little feta cheese on the whole wheat bread, layer it with grated carrots, cucumbers and peppers. You can top it with a lettuce leaf. Add a dash of salt and pepper, grill it for a few minutes and pack it for lunch. It’s easy, nutritious and ensures you don’t eat take out at the office!


5. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Not what you think. Spread herbed feta cheese or cottage cheese on a whole wheat bread and top it with sliced tomatoes. Grill them for a few minutes and pack.


6. Chickpea and Bean Salad

Either boil chickpeas and kidney beans overnight or use the jar variety. Drain all the water, add a teaspoon of olive oil, salt and pepper and top it with feta or cottage cheese. If you prepare in advance you can add diced tomatoes and cucumbers.

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7. Fruits on the go

Always stock up on fresh fruit. You can pack a lunch of sliced apples with a little peanut butter for extra taste. Strawberries and peanut butter also go well together.

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8. Sprout Egg Meal

Prepare a lentil sprouting session overnight. Clean the spouts in the morning, squeeze a few drops of lemon to taste, a pinch of salt and pepper. You can include chopped veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Top the salad with a boiled egg and enjoy at lunch!


9. Yoghurt with fruits

It’s convenient to always have a box of cut fruits ready in the fridge. Make a delicious and healthy snack by adding fruits (preferable strawberries) to a bowl of whipped yoghurt, a couple of pinches of ground coffee (or Nestle) and a drizzle of honey. Enjoy this when you get hungry.


10. Strawberry and Oats Smoothie

This is my personal favorite for a quick healthy breakfast. Blend 5-6 frozen strawberries, with half a cup of yoghurt and half a cup of milk in a smoothie Maker. Add 2 tablespoons of rolled oats and half a teaspoon of chia seeds once it’s mixed a little. Enjoy the cool breakfast smoothie.

The key to healthy snacking is making sure you keep nutritious snacks handy. This list is just a few suggestions from personal experience and understanding. It’s important you keep in mind what your body needs.


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