Pinterest-Worthy Table

Good enough to eat off of and post pics of online.

We’ve all been there. You see a dining table setting on your Instagram timeline and think, “Pshh, this looks easy!” But, when it comes to actually doing it, you get lost. No worries. All it takes is a good plan and you’ll be golden. We’ve collaborated with Nebras Aljoaib Studio to bring you a breakdown of how you can pull off a Pinterest-worthy table setting with three easy steps.

Step 1: Stay within a neutral color palette for an easily-achievable look.
Step 2: Add some depth to your table setting by layering different textures and mixed metals.
Step 3: Incorporate touches of greenery to make your table setting more lively and refreshing.

Extra Tip: DIY nametags are an easy and charming way to surprise your guests.
Marble Table: Accents Nebras Aljoaib
Plates: Zara Home
Fabric Napkins: Zara Home
Cups: Zara Home
Metal Basket: Accents Nebras Aljoaib
Wooden Coaster: Accents Nebras Aljoaib

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