Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Picture-Perfect Restaurants

Picture-Perfect Restaurants

Eat, drink and be merry in stylish spots.


So far, this place has one of the prettiest interiors in Sharqiya. Even though it’s not the first to have a sea view, the coziness you feel when you walk in is a good indication of careful and thorough design. Every little detail tells something and it just feels like you’re in a floating boat right in the middle of the sea. There’s something calming about looking around to see the lapping waves around you while lounging in a room of of rusty yellows, faint blues and defining blacks.

Location: Dughaither Village, Al Sahil, Khobar
Instagram: sunroom_cafe


When you walk into a room and you notice your mood shifting immediately, that’s when you know: this is a well-designed space. The chandelier and velvety chairs in faint shades of pink and blue give it a Victorian vibe – almost like you’ve travelled in time. With an already remarkably pleasant interior, as you walk deeper in it opens up into a bright sky-lit space with bushy green walls and even more velvety chairs.

Location: Corniche Rd., Fouad Center, Khobar
Instagram: creole.alkhobar



You can tell a lot about a place just by its entrance. Walking through Mehraja’s huge ornamented wooden studded gate is enrapturing. The marble fountain, the pointed Indian arches everywhere and the patterns and adornments of the wooden and marble partitions all give the place an emphasized Indian theme. The indoor water element is an especially nice touch as it provides a refreshingly calming effect. Considering all of the above, this is most definitely a picture-perfect restaurant.

Location: Prince Turki St., Movenpick Hotel, Khobar

Vicoli Lounge

vicolilounge_khobar_2017_aa-3The special thing about this place is that corner in it where the sunlight seems to shine through at almost all times of the day. Whites on the walls and floors, shades of blue for the chairs and sofas and potted plants along the large glass windows combine to make it feel like you’re sitting in a little garden. By the way, stand at that same corner spot and turn around. I present you with a space that’s just perfect for your next tea party!

Location: Prince Humud St., Khobar
Instagram: vicolilounge

La Touche

You wouldn’t think you’d be keen on dining in a space with black and white tiles and velvet chairs with gold crowns and legs all in royal shades of red, blue, black and yellow. Yet, this space is, ironically, beautifully designed. There’s this lovely air about it, especially when it comes to the flowers you’re met with once you enter and the glass windows that brighten up the interior.

Location: Al Shriah St., Dammam
Instagram: latouchecafe

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There’s an easy-on-the-eye interplay between the different design elements as you ascend deeper within this space; tiles and polished concrete cover the floor in a remarkably mismatched fashion. Rays of sun shower almost every corner by the end of the day, and the attention paid to the lighting installations and the choice of chairs and tables surely makes this space unique.

Location: Bashar Ibn Burd St., Olaya, Khobar
Instagram: sncafe

Aioli Lounge

A very smooth interior. The whites of the sitting area, the greys of the polished concrete floor, those pretty clustered little dangling lightbulbs at the bar, the ceramics at the corners and the stacks of books here and there give this space a minimalist character. Above all else though, Aoili is a favorite because it has got one of the best sea-view balconies in town.

Location: Dughaither Village, Al Sahil, Khobar
Instagram: aiolilounge


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