Paul’s Break-fest: A Little Slice of France in J-Town

The DJ team is still on their break-fest. This time we visited Paul for a full on French breakfast. So read on, to find out what to order next time you head there and maybe pick up a little French yourself.. notre ami.

The Place or le lieu: The place is mesmerizing. You have the French music playing in the background, giving you all the feels. You are surrounded by fancy decoration with Marie-Antoinette lookalikes on the light green walls. Not to mention, the beauty of the gateaux (mini cakes) on display, once you enter through the door.

Fun facts about the food we sophisticatedly devoured or les aliments we munched on:

Omelette is a French word first officially used in a French cooking publication, Cuisine Bourgeoisie, in the late 17th century. However, the dish itself may have been made by the Romans ages and ages ago. Paul’s omelette is simply divine!


Perhaps the most famous French pastry, it originated in Austria after the defeat of the Turks and was originally called “Kipferl”, German for “crescent.” Fast forward to Marie Antoinette, who missed the pastry so much after she moved to France, making bakers create the crescent-shaped pastry and naming it “croissant.” They also made its look more befitting of a royal dinner table.

At Paul, we were offered warm and freshly baked cheese, zaa’tar, almond and chocolate croissants. Needless to say, the aroma was amazing and the crunchiness of the golden layer intermingling with the softness of the dough was spot on!

Croque Madame:
What is it exactly? A French sandwich that consists of melted cheese, béchamel, while stuffed with turkey or salami, with layers of toast squeezed in. To top it all off (literally), a fried egg is placed as its crown. We thank Paul for introducing us to such a delicacy! Also, did you know there was a Croque-monsieur?!?

Paul-Croque Madame

Paul-Croque Madame

Mille Feuille:
Translating to “a thousand sheets/ leaves,” this mini cake dessert is made of puff pastry with custard smoothly laid out in between. In Paul, the European dessert has a twist on it, since it is a date mille feuille! Foreign and traditional meet and embrace in this delicious gateau.
Paul-Milee Feuille
More like a work of art than dessert, eclairs are of choux paste (the type of dough), cream and sometimes fruit. At Paul, we tried the strawberry and cream éclair. Even though it looked too pretty to be eaten, we still sank our teeth into it!

Location: Abdul Rahman At Tubayshi, Al Andalus St. 


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