Our Chocolate City

Chocolate: the sweet delicacy that transcends all language barriers.

You don’t need an occasion to indulge in some melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. Let us help you satiate your sweet tooth cravings…

  1. Nagwah

nagwahGoing over to a friend’s and don’t know what to take with you? A box of Nagwah chocolates will make a wonderful present.

Location: Hira St., Al Zahra Dist.
Instagram: nagwah_sa

  1. Carmey Chocolate

A seriously wide array of chocolate flavors can be found at Carmey, and we love their intricately detailed designs. Our favourite is their gahwa coffee pot-shaped chocolate.

Location: Prince Sultan St., Al Rawdah Dist.
Instagram: carmeychocolate

  1. Bostani Chocolatier

Their chocolates are uniquely packaged and engraved with Arabic calligraphy and Islamic art – how cool is that? You can even get customized ones for special occasions like baby showers, weddings and birthdays.

Location: Arafat Rd., Al Hamra Dist.
Instagram: bostani

  1. Moreno Chocolatier

Whether you like it nutty, crunchy or creamy, Moreno has chocolates for all occasions and tastes, and what sets them apart is their floral touch.

Location: Prince Saud Al Faisal St., Al Rawdah Dist.
Instagram: morenochocolatier

  1. Diala

diala-1They have something in store for everyone. Make sure to try the chocolate filled with Biscoff cream!

Location: Prince Saud Al Faisal St., Al Rawdah Dist.
Instagram: dialaksa

  1. Leaves

Their packaging is super creative and flavors are a delight. We can’t decide what we love more!

Location: Prince Saud Al Faisal St., Al Rawdah Dist.
Instagram: leavesksa

  1. Qclato

If you love berries, allow Qclato to blow you away. Their chocolate treats are lusciously decorated with berries creating the perfect choc-fruit combo you can imagine.

Location: Al Kayyal St., Al Rawdah Dist.
Instagram: qclato

  1. Le Panaché

Le Panaché has a wide assortment of treats and packaging styles. Their hazelnut and honey chocolates are will satisfy your taste buds.

Location: Prince Sultan Rd., Al Rawdah Dist.
Instagram: le_panache


  1. Dalal Al Reem

img_8558This Instagram-based chocolatier has left us impressed with her scrumptious truffles, and rich and creamy chocolate delights.

Mob: +966-563077492
Instagram: dalal_alreem

  1. Glanz Chocolate

glanzSay yes to premium quality Belgian chocolate with creamy yet crispy layers.

Mob: +966-591797666
Instagram: glanzchocolate

  1. Shaimaa Mirza

Her work really looks like art! Shaimaa’s chocolate is currently available at Crate or alternatively you can contact her for orders.

Mob: +966-581443387
Instagram: mirzasa_

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