OSN Celebrates International Women’s Day with Content Line-up Created by Women of the Region for the Women of the Region

In celebration of International Women’s Day, OSN has announced that it will be launching its first-ever content line up dedicated to women in the region.

Launching on Monday 8th March to mark the occasion, the OSN Woman content offering will be available as a standalone channel through any OSN box as we well as on demand and on the OSN Streaming App to empower women across the region, offering valuable, unique, and relevant entertainment experiences.framing-britney-spears

‘OSN Woman’ will bring female audiences a variety of lifestyle programming across fashion, health, parenting, relationships, and reality topics. Audiences can expect to watch bespoke and inspirational content such as the hit documentary, The Weekly: Special Edition, Framing Britney Spears, which follows the rise and fall of the Grammy-winning singer, Britney Spears which has been making headlines ever since it came to light. In addition, A Perfect 14’, will be part of the content line-up which explores the world of plus-size models fighting to reshape the fashion industry and traditional beauty standards, as well as ‘Public Figure’, ‘Fashion Start-Up’, ‘Inside Misguided’ and ‘Royals Declassified’ to name a few.rolla-karam-interim-chief-content-officer-at-osn

The driving force behind this unique project were several female programing specialists at OSN, who hand-picked every single content, utilising their understanding of women and the region in order to come up with a tailored proposition that’s sure to answer every woman’s need.

And that’s not all, to celebrate OSN’s new milestone, an all-female cast and crew led the ‘OSN Woman’ campaign concept creation. The talented team included Director Danielle Arden and Regional Executive Content Producer at Prodigious, Nayla Chacra among other creative women, who came together to create a fresh powerful video showcasing different women from across and region and giving them a platform to voice what they want to see on the screens.

We are excited and proud to launch this unique project on International Women’s Day, a day that celebrates the achievements of women all over the world. We want to send a message to all the women of the region that we listen to them and care about bringing content that connects with them and answers their daily needs. This is yet another milestone for OSN, where we manage to give an important segment of our audience a product that’s tailor-made to them. We are tapping into a wider base of modern women through a mix of strong programming that was planned entirely by women like them and made available as a channel and on demand across our digital platforms. And as one of the women who led this exciting project, I was very positive it will be supported across the board. I’m grateful to all the incredible talented women who joined me in bringing ‘OSN Woman’ to life. Our next phase will scale this channel to the next level by also producing more OSN Originals by women from the region soon. Stay tuned.” said Rolla Karam, Interim Chief Content Officer at OSN.

Viewers can tune in to watch the ‘OSN Woman’ channel by subscribing to OSN’s direct-to-home offering by visiting the website osn.com and the OSN Streaming App by visiting the website stream.osn.com

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