Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Oh the Places You’ll Go in Jubail

Oh the Places You’ll Go in Jubail
By Sultan Al Sughair
A scenic land of sights and seas, festivals and fun.

Jubail attracts visitors from around the Gulf thanks to its pristine parks and breathtaking beaches.

One of its most prominent parks is Deffi Park, a natural forest brimming with trees, scenic views and all the usual trappings of a park, including bathroom facilities, playgrounds and football and volleyball fields.

You can find Andalus Park in the residential area between the Fanateer and Deffi neighborhoods. The park has ample facilities for your weekend picnics with the family, including benches and barbecue grills.

A coastal city, Jubail boasts some lovely beachfronts, but bar none the one to visit is Fanateer Beach. This sandy beach bursts with colors thanks to its palm trees and fields of flowers. Naturally, you can enjoy water skiing, fishing and diving activities, but there’s also a jogging track and a playground for the kids.

Meanwhile, Nakheel Beach has a lovely park area with volleyball and basketball fields and a sandy shoreline dotted with umbrellas and palm trees, plenty of shade for you to laze away on a sunny Saturday morning.


Festivals and Activities in Jubail

Oh, where to begin! There is a steady stream of festivals happening in Jubail, including the Date and Palm Festival, Marine Sports Festival, Nations Festival and also the Heritage Festival and Productive Families.

They’ve got the annual Garden and Plant Festival, held in participation with arboretums and flowers shops from around the Kingdom that showcase their lovely flowers and plants. They also host lectures and discussions regarding landscaping, flora and what to plant next in your garden.

And you simply can’t pass up on all the competitions and championships that are held throughout the year in a range of subjects and areas. Challenge your mind and spirit with culture and poetry contests, or challenge your physical body with football, diving, swimming, fishing, badminton, tennis and even table tennis competitions.


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