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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Saudi Resolutions We Fail To Commit To Every Time

Saudi Resolutions We Fail To Commit To Every Time
As the New Year creeps up on us, many of us tend to compile a list of things we want to change in the next year. However, most of us fail to even accomplish one of them by the end of the year- shocker right?

Here’s a list of the most common resolutions we are guilty of setting:

1- “I’m going to go to Umrah at least once a month…”

Being that people spend years saving to travel to The Kingdom just to get a glimpse of the Holy Ka’bah and the Prophet’s mosque, do we really have a justification for not going more often? May Allah give us the strength to stick to this resolution to the best of our abilities.


2- “I’m going to go camping/star gazing…”

Too many of us are quick to look outside of The Kingdom for places to explore, forgetting that we live in a place that isn’t just desert, but desert with interesting places to visit. Hiking, camping, barbecuing… under the night stars… amidst Mother Nature… Heyy.. Are you still with me?

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3- “I’m going to walk to the bagala, instead of going with the car…”

Stretch those legs and tone those muscles.


4- “I’m going to spend more time with my family.”

We know listening to the constant bickering between the uncles and aunts, the noisy and hectic atmosphere as children run around the house and the never-ending “Are you getting married soon?” enquiries are annoying, but still they’re family.


5- “I’m going to stop Snapchatting every moment of my life”.

Three words: Internet is life.


6- “I’m going to wear more colors… starting with my abayas”

Don’t give into peer pressure. Black will always be the new black.

7- “I’m going to stop wearing shishib outside the house…”

There’s a difference between outdoor shoes and home shoes, let’s keep them separate. Especially when you’re wearing socks.


8- “I’m going to be more productive at work.”

Uturn and Tilfaz are huge bundles of fun and laughter….but I think we get paid to work.



9- “I’m going to stop blaming my driver for everything.”

Why are you late? Why didn’t you get the things I asked you for? Why did it take so long? Why are you not home yet? All of these questions have a common denominator answer, “my driver”. Haram 3alaikum.

blaming driver

10 “I’m going to stop binge eating on Al Baik.”

A lot us have McDonalds, KFC, Hardees and all the other fast food joints on speed dial. Healthy lifestyle what?


11- “I’m going to explore places other than Dubai and Bahrain.”

These two places have been overtaken by Saudis looking for quick getaways to change the jaww. Let’s not forget Europe, Africa and Asia are quite close too.


12- “I’m going to stop running to Sephora everytime I feel sad…”

How many times have we ran to Sephora and bought 10 new lipsticks , only to go home and find we already have them and possibly more than one of them.


13- “I’m going to try and remember to bring my pen/ calculator/ book to class.”

Nothing says you’re prepared for life, as going to school/university empty-handed. Who needs a pen these days anyway?

pen and calculator

14- “I’m going to stop treating the roads, e.g. Tahlia, like they’re my personal racing track.”

Who cares about pedestrians and other drivers, you need to bring Need for Speed to life and Jeddah is full of smooth roads perfect for just that.


15- “I’m going to remain calm, no matter what happens on the road.”

At this point, I think generally we’re just addicted to road rage. Nothing beats opening the window and screaming at the other driver, who most probably can’t understand or even hear you..


16- “I’m going to stop using my phone so much when I’m with people.”

Anti-social much? We’re thinking it’s time we started relying on face-to-face interactions, rather than keyboard-to-keyboard if you know what we mean.

17- “I’m going to try and be on time more..or at least less than 30 minutes late..”

There’s nothing like the adrenaline rush of running (or pretending to run, but really you’re strolling in slow motion), shouting at the driver to drive faster and explaining why you were late. Seriously, it’s addictive.

always late

18- “I’m going to stop using ‘zahma’ as an excuse for being late.”

We all know you weren’t even on your way. That eyeliner took one whole hour to perfect or maybe you overslept and just couldn’t face being roasted by your chums for it happening..again.


19- “I’m going to stop relying on coffee to be my alarm.”

Starbucks, Costa, Medd Café, Barnie’s and all other coffee stops are blessings and they’re not in disguise.



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