Nano Cell Display Technology has the Best Ever Viewing Experience

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It often feels like the world of technology never stops moving, there are always new discoveries and advancements. In the digital revolution, displays are often the aspect that doesn’t see much change.

Well, LG’s Nano Cell Display technology literally changes the way we experience color on screen.

Usually when you’re watching TV with your friends or family, you tend to grab the center seat before you’re push over to the side. This is because visual experience from a side angle is usually quite disruptive and annoying. With LG’s Nano Cell Display, which is a variation of the existing quantum dot technology, you have consistent colors at wider viewing angles with virtually no color different – regardless of whether you’re positioned directly in front of the screen or to the side.

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This advanced technology absorbs unwanted light. The light absorption capability reduces instances or color fading and degradation. It also improves color gamut and accuracy. Technicholor worked with LG to apply its renowned color science expertise to LG’s premium SUPER UHD TVs. Through Technicolor Expert Mode, they have achieved to deliver the most vivid and accurate colors at wider viewing angles.

Next time you’re gaming or want everyone to enjoy during movie night, make sure you’re up to date with LG’s latest display technology.


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