Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Nahdi’s Beats of Hope

Nahdi’s Beats of Hope

The 5-year corporate social sustainability initiative is an energetic agent of change.

Nahdi, the leading Saudi pharmaceutical retailer, is well known for its socially responsible health initiatives. CEO Eng. Yasser Joharji, recently announced the launch of Nahdi’s 5-year Corporate Social Sustainability Strategy, known as the Nabdat Amal (Beat of Hope in Arabic).

The new initiative was developed in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. The CEO commented, “We aim to support the goals of the vision with our 5-year strategy. We want to empower people with knowledge and belief in both their capacity and ability to improve their quality of life, through effective health awareness programs.”3unspecified

Through its widespread network across the Kingdom, Nahdi is equipping people with the knowledge and the tools to take control of their health and lifestyle. The concept of the project lies in the idea of adding “beats” to the people’s hearts. Nahdi believes that empowering people is the key to help them achieve the change that will add value to their lives.

The Three Main Pillars of Nahdi’s CSR Strategy

Beats of Hope – Our Past: The Health pillar creates substantial shift in patient knowledge and chronic disease management. “Ya Ana Ya Sukari” (I Challenge Diabetes) is a program that was launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Joslin Diabetes Center, the largest in the world.5unspecified

Beats of Hope – Our Present: The Wellness pillar promotes healthier lifestyles, improved nutrition and fitness to decrease obesity rates across the country. Programs include Wazin Hayatak (Balance Your Life) and the Billion Step Challenge, in cooperation with the General Presidency of Youth Welfare.unspecified

Beats of Hope – Our Future: The Mom and Babe pillar focuses on maternal and infant wellness and health. It bridges the knowledge gap of nurturing the child’s growing mind and body.2unspecified

Nahdi’s community focus began years ago with the goal to enhance business performance and improve accessibility to medication. Nahdi’s influence has only grown over the years. The pharmaceutical giant’s Corporate Social Sustainability is a business approach that contributes to current and future generations, to create healthy and livable communities and to meet the triple bottom line, “People, planet and economic impact.”6unspecified

Sarah Turkistani, the head of health community service commented, ‘’Although our Corporate Social Sustainability Plan is structured with local population’s insights to address problems in the country, the challenges it seeks to tackle are not unique to Saudi Arabia. In fact, they are global priorities. The United Nation’s 2030 Agenda, commonly known as the Sustainable Development Goals, will drive action over the next 15 years in areas of critical importance to humanity and the planet. Of the 17 goals, Beats of Hope is supporting efforts toward Goal 3, which aims to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all ages.”7unspecified

Joharji comments, “Our work here is critical. The impact we aim to achieve will not come easy. By living our values and acting with purpose, we at Nahdi are creating meaning within our own story and changing the face of health and wellness across Saudi Arabia.” By 2020, Nahdi plans to transform health and wellness and touch the lives of 5 million people.



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