More Than Just An AD: JCA Students Spark Interest

Students from Jeddah College of Advertising displayed their final year thesis at Rawasi Hotel Suites on 17th-18th May 2017. Established by University of Business and Technology, this year marked the college’s second batch.

Destination Jeddah team went to see the projects and speak to JCA students; and we were quite impressed. The campaigns on display incorporated the corporate social responsibility value and offered a call to action factor; they were well-thought out and students behind it genuinely wanted to make the society better.dr-abdullah-dahlan

The graduates present there discussed how advertising is still a growing field and how JCA made it possible for them to pursue their passion. People do not realize but this field has a lot of possibilities, if fully realized.

One student had designed a kind of university encyclopedia consisting of a website, social media advertising etc to help potential students and parents to ease their college hunting process. DJ team was surprised to hear that there are a lot more universities than we know

Another student designed a campaign highlighting an addiction to pharmaceutical drugs which remains a taboo. She offered solutions where hospitals have booths to check whether a person’s pill intake is normal or not, by filling out a simple form.

Two girls created a card game for children called ‘Sunnah’ where the players will quiz each other about Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah and life.part-of-the-exhibition

JCA offers three majors that students can select from: Advertising Communication/ Advertising Management and Advertising Creative Design. The core objective is to provide students with hands-on training and not just theoretical study; to groom them as ready and fit for the professional advertising world.

JCA is the first and only accredited by the International Advertising Association (IAA).

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