Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

MDLBEAST Records First Venture into Hip-Hop with Saudi Rapper Moayad’s Debut Album, in Partnership with Badiya Studio

MDLBEAST Records First Venture into Hip-Hop with Saudi Rapper Moayad’s Debut Album, in Partnership with Badiya Studio

The first single off Moayad’s latest project, Theeb, is available now across all streaming platforms

MDLBEAST Records – Saudi Arabia’s fast growing and dynamic record label – is today marking another mega milestone for the Kingdom’s burgeoning music scene with the release of ‘Theeb’ the first single from the forthcoming debut hip-hop album by Riyadh based rapper, Moayad. The release and album project is the result of a new partnership between the record label and Badiya Studio, a creative studio run by Chndy and Abu Hamdan, known as Warchieff.

Written as a homage to both Arabic poetry and rap music, Moayad’s debut album is a celebration of his Saudi heritage and a deep dive into the defining role poetry has played in his life as an artist.

Immersed in different cultures while growing up, the 35-year-old comedian, actor and rapper found hip-hop as a source of inspiration. He recognized the similarities of hip-hop and traditional Arabic poetry – in cleverness, cantor and thought.

Moayad merged these creative influences in his latest project by demonstrating the interplay of poetry and hip-hop.  The album – a project more than a year in the making – is the result of two cultures colliding.

Doctor turned entertainer, Moayad has built his reputation as a creative pioneer in the Middle East with his T.V and comedy work.

The release of the album is his next groundbreaking endeavor, he says: “It’s been a long time coming but finally launching this album feels like a big moment. With the album, I wanted to bring these two musical passions of mine together to create something powerful and beautiful. 

I have always been captivated by wordplay, the huge vocabulary of the Arabic language and have been involved with poetry since my younger years. I see this album as the first culmination of these passions I’ve had my entire life.”

This marks his first-ever studio album and foray into music, he says, out of necessity more than anything else.

“For a long time, I’ve felt this need to celebrate the poetic heritage of this part of the world,” said Moayad. “To do so now, and through hip-hop, I see as a perfect synergy.”

The album’s first single, Theeb, which translates to “wolf”, was released across all streaming platforms, receiving much acclaim. Theeb is a musical journey through Moayad’s two cultures – opening with drums thumping to the rhythm of the Yemeni sharh. As the track progresses, it evolves into an electronic hip-hop dreamscape produced by Ntitled and Executive Producer, Abu Hamdan (Warchieff).

Talal AlBahiti, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Talent Booking and Events, said about the release: “This is a huge moment in the history of Saudi music – and music across the world. Moayad is a born creative and the authenticity, flair, and genius he has poured into the album  already cement what promises to be a long-term stand-out reputation for both an artist and album.

MDLBEAST Records is the home of fresh talent and Middle Eastern creatives, with open doors to multi genres including dance, hip-hop and indie music. For us, too, this is a landmark launch: our first album release and genre outside of electronic music. (howefarmstn)  

For that to be hip-hop infused with the raw and true poetic-rap skills of Moayad is an honor for us, and we are sure it will mark an exciting new dawn and era for music here in the Kingdom, across the region and on a global scale. MDLBEAST records strives to be the home of fresh talent and Middle Eastern creatives, opening its doors to multi genres including dance, hip hop, R&B, and indie.”

The track’s music video, which is available to watch here, was done in collaboration with regional creatives including Chndy as Director and the Badiya Studio duo as Creative Directors, making this release a major success for many local creatives.

The first single Theeb is available to buy and stream now, with a full release to follow in November


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