What We Loved About Eftilha 2015

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By Mona Sabr


The Eftilha Initiative, founded by Mohammed AlSaud, Slaiman Subaiei and Fahad Angari builds awareness for early cancer detection. Events are held every year in Riyadh, Jeddah and Khobar to raise funds through a high-end charity market where startups participate and donate 10% of their profits to the Saudi Cancer Foundation.

The most recent event took place on Dec. 26 at the Gallery Azman in Khobar, with participants ranging from organic beauty product designers, artists and an ice-cream shop, to fashion designers, product designers and more.Entertainment included beat boxers, a guitarist and a live graffiti artist. Even The Secret Room had a space at the event, letting you sign up and see if you could escape one of their mind-bending rooms within 60 minutes. The turnout was impressive and the energy was extremely positive. Eftilha is a powerful way to gather artists, entrepreneurs and supporters in one place to spread love and happiness and help make a difference. Here’s looking forward to Eftilha 2016!

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