Local Experts On Making Your Food Look Pretty

Trust me, you’ll want to save this list for later.

Depending on what you’ve cooked, there are several ways to make your meal look its best. Here are the top tips from local chefs and food stylists:

  1. Mayada Badr, pastry chef and founder of Pink Camel

img_3756Mayada Badr believes that creating pastries is easier and often more creative with the use of molds. Molds can help you achieve intricate designs or shapes with much ease. Avoid using marzipan and go for more natural decoration like berries or flowers.

  1. Nouf Masoud, founder of Debyazah

img_3551According to Nouf Masoud, to make things easier while setting up a dinner you can make smart use of pre-packaged items to add a bit of flair to your presentation. For example, fill a pretty cup with pre-packaged caramel popcorn alongside your main desserts.

  1. Badr Fayez, chef and chairman at Midwam

img_4062We learned about food painting from Badr Fayez. With food paining you have a much bigger canvas to work on, as opposed to using plates. The food is arranged on a large platform or table. Colors, height and texture are some elements that enhance the look.

  1. Raneen Joudah, food blogger.

img_3203Before quitting her job to focus entirely on blogging, Joudah would work late at night because cooking and styling is a relaxing process for her. In order to make the plates look clean, Joudah uses vinegar to remove oil stains from the rims by dabbing it with a tissue. She believes that when it comes to food presentation and styling, it’s best to not play around too much and keep it very natural so people eat what they see.

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