Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Little Asia: A Trip Through Asian Culture and Delights

Little Asia: A Trip Through Asian Culture and Delights

Jeddah’s Little Asia has been causing all the buzz and presents a wide range of services for a fun-filled and entertaining experience within an Asian ambiance. This exciting event, one of the main ones a part of Jeddah Calendar, features a number of distinct entertainment zones, showcasing eight diverse countries: Thailand, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and Singapore.


Additionally, it includes specific areas like the Sakura Garden, Typhoon Village, and the University of Hong Kong, ensuring a variety of unique experiences suitable for all ages and preferences. Make sure to book your tickets, and experience the fun before the doors come to a final close on the 3rd of Feb. 

Little Asia: A Trip Through Asian Culture and Delights


Explore China’s rich and ancient culture steeped in history, culinary delights, customs, and marvels.

– “The Wheel” provides a breathtaking panoramic view at the top of the Ferris wheel, an experience definitely worth trying with family.

– Indulge in traditional Chinese cuisine and signature dim sum at Tiger Sum Restaurant.

– Enjoy services from 23 diverse stores catering to visitors in this area.

Little Asia: A Trip Through Asian Culture and Delights



Step into a warm embrace of Thai hospitality and rich cultural heritage in the Thailand region, an engaging journey into the vibrant experiences of Thai culture, highlighted by a must try cuisine and lively market vibes.

– Enjoy the Dragon Slide experience.

– Relish authentic Thai cuisine at Yahya Restaurant.

– Access services provided by 12 stores within the area.



Engage with magnificent elephants, while experiencing interactive elements and activities. Participate in the “Shower Experience,” learning customized techniques for elephant care, and indulge in the unique experience of feeding them. 



Take a look at the richness of Japanese culture within this area, promising a day filled with authentic experiences, cuisine, fashion showcases, games, adventures, and special events for anime enthusiasts.

– Experience the thrill of “defying gravity and leaping from a 50-meter height.”

– Delight in the diverse offerings of “Aki Cat” Japanese restaurant.

– Enjoy special events tailored for anime fans and explore services from 23 different stores

Little Asia: A Trip Through Asian Culture and Delights


Immerse yourself in the serene world of Japanese sakura, enjoying traditional Japanese flavors at “Torikati” restaurant. “Torikati” restaurant features traditional Japanese flavors prepared by skilled chefs. In addition, explore services from 4 different stores in the area..



Embrace the vibrant essence of Filipino traditions at this lively area, boasting authentic cuisine, classic performances, and exciting adventures, including a soma brimming with seafood delights.

– Experience the thrill of the “Haunted Castle”.

– Savor traditional Filipino dishes at “Maganda” Restaurant.

– Explore services offered by 12 stores within the zone and witness lively traditional dances.



Discover the vibrant culture, traditions, and natural wonders of Indonesia, offering an enriching and entertaining experience.

Little Asia: A Trip Through Asian Culture and Delights


Celebrate the ancient cultural heritage and diverse modern lifestyle of Malaysia within this region.

– S Care offers specialized spinal support shoes for optimal comfort.

– D-Fruit store presents a variety of natural dried fruits and vegetables, organic seeds, and nuts.

– 7 stores are included in this area.



Experience Singapore’s cultural blend and futuristic vision in this district, featuring a suspended roller coaster and Dragon’s Lair Adventure.

– “Mini Aviator” offers a suspended roller coaster experience.

– Discover Dragon’s Lair Adventure and services from 20 stores in the area.



From delectable cuisine and fashion to interactive activities and K-Pop performances, Korea Zone offers a comprehensive experience into Korean culture.

– “Battle Kart Experience” includes electric karting with video games and augmented reality.

– Enjoy their delicious cuisine and street food, such as the Teokbokki and Bibimbap.

– 26 unique stores are located in this zone.

Little Asia: A Trip Through Asian Culture and Delights



Embark on an adventure within an abandoned university filled with mysteries and puzzles.

– Trtr Bar offers unique face-painting.

– Trend Restaurant presents a horror-themed dining experience in a unique atmosphere.



Experience an educational adventure amidst nature, blending educational elements with amusement park thrills.

– “Peak Weaver” offers a unique water-plunging experience.

– Enjoy the Shark Coaster and Bumper Boats, ideal for family adventures.


The extravagant event will be coming to a close end very soon. Book your tickets and don’t miss out on an exciting trip throughout the city’s very own Little Asia. 


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Working Hours: All week (5:00 PM – 12:00 AM)

Weekend, Friday and Saturday: 4:00 PM – 1:00 AM

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