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A List of Bookstores Jeddah

Bookstores in jeddah are our guilty pleasures, may it be for stationery, bags, or actual books. Here’s a list of some good book stores around town that you can consider for your book and stationery frenzies.

Bookstores in Jeddah

Jarir Bookstore

Whether you’re in school, university, home or simply working, Jarir Bookstore is loved by everyone in Jeddah. They not only have all sorts of books, but also products that range from electronics, art supplies, games to backpacks, office supplies and so much more.

Instagram: jarirbookstore

Web: jarir.com

Tel: +966-920000089

Jarir Mall, Tahliya St., Al Rehab Dist.

Jamea Plaza, Al Jamiah Dist.

Jarir Mall, Prince Sultan Rd.

Virgin Megastore:

Looking for the perfect gift or something cool and trendy? Virgin Megastore is your next destination. Being a people’s favorite, Virgin is a place that have all sorts of items such as, novels, educational books, video games, electronics, and vintage items that are produced locally.

Instagram: virginmegaksa

Web: virginmegastore.com.sa

Tel: +966-920008582

Red Sea Mall, King Abdulaziz Rd., Al Shatea Dist.

Mall of Arabia, Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Rd.

Avenue Mall, King Abdulaziz Rd.

Little Book

Specializing in specifically books for children, Little Book is a charming bookstore with colorful interiors, showcased mainly for visitors of the ages 1 – 14 years old. The bookstore has a marvelous blend of educational books and entertaining stories suitable for all.

Instagram: littlebookjeddah

Web: littlebookarabia.com

Tel: +966-543200517

Location: Red Sea Mall, King Abdulaziz Rd.

Maktaba Al Fanoos:

Al Fanoos is one for the books, being one of the well known bookstores in Jeddah, and favored for all that it has to offer. Whether you need books, gadgets or any necessary office supplies, it’s all there.

Instagram: alfanoosbookstore

Web: al-fanoos.com

Tel: +966-126922903

Location: Souq Al Shatea., King Abdulaziz Rd.

Afnan Bookstore:

Afnan Bookstore is one of the first bookstores of Jeddah that not only has novels and children’s books, but educational books as well, alongside many necessary stationary supplies. Bags, art and crafts supplies, stickers and so much more, Afnan has it all.

Tel: +966-126717521

Location: Odaba St., Al Aziziyah Dist.

The Monochrome Bookstore:

Keep a lookout for Monochrome! A bookstore that sells used book and is mainly online but often takes part in different events that take place in Jeddah. Monochrome is also loved for different events they do such as the Mystery Box, a box with mystery books ready to be bought.

Instagram: themonochromebookstore

Web: monochromebook.store

Paper Trails

Also an online bookstore, Paper Trails has taken a step forward and created somewhat of a club for book lovers especially, offering a great variety of novels and indie books. With monthly staff picks of their own, it’s  community definitely worth becoming a part of.

Instagram: papertrails.club

Web: papertrails.club

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