Lights, Camera, Projection!

The thrifty DIY DR staff is about to help you deck out your own theater room.

 Whether you’re decorating your Man Cave or your She Shack, there is no need to spend a lump sum in the process.


A good projector and a sound system are not that hard to find for a reasonable price. They may total somewhere between SR 5,000 – 10,000, but it’s pretty much the price of a new flat screen with the added benefit of a projector being far bigger.

When picking a projector, pick one that suits your needs. If your projection space is big, get a projector with a higher pixel count. For most people looking to project on a space around 3×3 meters, a 720p projector will do the trick.

As for furniture, pick seating that serves your function. Since we are setting up an entertainment/movie room, comfortable seating is of the utmost importance. You don’t have to spend a small fortune on La-Z-Boys for your room; cheaper recliner alternatives are available in Saco, Al Mutlaq and Centerpoint.r-28f-sys_635412126697000000


Now that you’ve got your essentials covered, it’s time to pick a theme. Pick a theme that best represents you, your family or a theme that fits the function of the room. Every piece you will add from this point forward should serve your theme or purpose.

If you’re a gaming family or group, a cards table is a good addition. It’s perfect for board games, card games and as a makeshift dining room when needed.

If you would like a customized table but don’t want to spend on having it made, we’ll help you out.

Pick a table with a color and size that match the space you have. Buy some fabric – preferably pelt or something of the same roughness so that the cards are easier to handle on it – and place it atop your chosen table. Stock up on your favorite games and put them on display on a shelf or display case near the table, and you’ve got yourself a game corner.img_2709_2048x2048

Posters are a great and cheap way to decorate your space. Whether you’re setting up a movie room, gaming room or even just a chill zone, pick out posters that you like or are tied to your theme and take them to the nearest printer for reproduction. Top that photo off with a 40 SR Ikea frame and you’ve got yourself a wall of art.

If you have a big blank wall that’s in need of decorating, covert it into a blackboard for ever-changing decoration. Blackboard paint is very functional if you’re the type to get bored easily, and it’s available in both spray and bucket form from Curio Art Supplies in Northern Maathar District.

Remember that little touches go a long way. Choose some accent pieces from furniture stores to perk up your space. A vintage movie camera from Amazon, a popcorn machine from Saco and a star projection light from Tarsam all go a long way to setting the mood.

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