Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Life is Like a Plate of Fries

Life is Like a Plate of Fries


I am woman, hear me make reasonable and rational arguments.

It’s International Women’s Day, so we decided to spare everyone the “you can do anything” speech that’s typical in occasions like this. This, my friends, is a direct call to action.


The world is no one’s oyster. It will not wait for anyone to seize it at the bottom of the ocean. The world is more like a plate of fries. Some may take exactly their share, some may settle for less and some take more than their share at the expense of others. Bottom line is that when it’s down to the last fry, it’s survival of the fittest and every man for himself. Make no mistake; we’re not saying this is a literal fight. There are no referees or opponents in this. Your greatest ally and opponent is yourself.


We realize that the last paragraph may have seemed little too existential for our Destination flavor, but bear with us. We promise we have a point to make.

Everyone gets bogged down by naysayers, but women across the world fall victim to this more often than not. The systemic undercurrent that has developed over the span of centuries is still very much tangible today. Now that we’ve so effectively (coughs) oversimplified the background of the struggle, it’s time for the game plan ladies.

How to make sure you get your fries:

Say it


Women and men are both equipped with vocal chords. For reasons that require far more explanation than this article can provide, us women are less likely to use our voices. The figurative and sometimes very literal hesitation is the first thing we have to chuck out the window if any of us want to get anywhere. Do not fear your voice, give it purpose.



If the world is a field and life is game, then we are losing. Before you ready your pitchforks, it’s not a battle of the sexes. The game is more of a faceoff between humanity and its conscience. Unfortunately, us woman are too often on the sidelines rooting for a team to make the right decisions. No one in this world will understand you the way you understand yourself. Put on your jersey and cleats and get involved. If we don’t, we may end up as the ball being tossed around between the teams.

Be Selfish


Yes, you heard us. Put yourself first and fight for what you believe is right for you. A wise person once told me that “a person may wish for you to have a meal, but they’ll never take a decent bite out of their mouths and give it to you.” Though we’re all for charity, you need to help yourself first. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t plan on going hungry anytime soon.

Keep in mind that contrary to how it feels most of the time, this is a collective journey; a journey where we may find ourselves falling behind, or even far ahead wondering where everyone else is. There is no road map, but trust us, the company is well worth the ride.



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