Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Le Chocolat: DR’s Sinful Guide to the City

Le Chocolat: DR’s Sinful Guide to the City

The ultimate chocolate indulgence around town.

Chocolate Ice Box Cake: Magnolia Bakery

La-Chocolate-Magnolia-Riyadh-2017-NF4Layers upon layers of whoopee cookies covered in a light cream frosting? Sign us up. Sign us up ANYTIME.

DR Tip: How can you make a cookie cake better? They can customize with glitter if you like. Glitter! We know.

Chocolate Lava Cookie: Eldorado Café

La-Chocolate-Eldorado-Riyadh-2017-NF6There’s a lot to love about Eldorado (their chais are great), and nothing really seals the deal for us like a Nutella stuffed monster of a cookie that arrives piping hot. Mmmm, happiness.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Malt Shake: Johnny Rockets

milk-shake-johnnyThere are few things in this world that we respect as much as this shake. It’s thick, it’s consistent, it has malt in it, and it is heaven on earth.

DR Tip: If you’re too full, ask for the kid’s cup. Smaller, cheaper, and less calories.

Eclairs: French Corner

Eclair1Sometimes oldies are the best ones. This might not be the most accurate éclair, but it’s fat and filled with delicious chocolate cream and we love it.

DR Tip: They frequently sell out, so call ahead if you’d like more than one.

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream: Amorino

2La-Chocolate--Amorino-Riyadh-2017-NF2The consistency of their chocolate ice cream is, frankly, unsurpassed. And they make it into a pretty flower for you.

DR Tip: Mix it with the salted caramel for a nice contrast.

Oreo Mousse: Tao

oreo-tao-2Classic and beloved by folks everywhere, Tao’s Oreo mousse is practically an institution. It’s so popular they offer it to go if you call ahead.

DR Tip: For easier pick up, try Torta’s version. Equally delicious, and at a fraction of the price.

Nutella Crepe: Eataly

crepes2We’re always up for anything Nutella, and Eataly has a whole Nutella MENU. We vastly approve.

DR Tip: Eataly’s less busy in the mornings.

Soufflé: Sada Altahliyah

sada-al-tahliah2Sada Altahliya’s soufflé was the reigning champ before Tao’s Oreo mousse stole the title, and we were kinda sad to see it happen. This one’s got heavy nostalgia for us, even though it’s more of a pudding than a soufflé.

DR Tip: They cater to parties, and we like using any excuse to get a whole vat full of the stuff.


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